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Billy Meier

Please watch the entire PREZI.

Daniel Ratajczak

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Billy Meier

Billy Meier: a man ridiculed for the truth he spoke Billy Meier was born on Febuary 3, 1937 in the town of Bulach,Switzerland. He is best known to be a UFO contactee. In 1942 he had his first contacts with an extraterrestrial man named Sfath. He was a human and he came from the Pleiades nearly 400 million light years away from earth. His home planet was Erra. Sfath died in 1953 and an extraterrestrial woman named Asket took over his contacts until 1964. She was from a diferent universe parallel from us. It is called the DAL universe. This is what she taught him: "People would venerate us as Gods and become hysterical with fear if confronted with our presence on Earth. Therefore it is advisable to just contact one Earthhuman and let him inform slowly."
-Semjase- Thanks for watching! Meier had a break for about 10 years. He had no contacts during this time. He maried a Greek woman named Kaliope and he had 3 children. This is a picture of Semjase. The Universe is BIG and I am sure you know that. Many Universoligists believe that the Universe is 150 billion light years long if you traveled across it. Do you think that there really are extraterrestrials living in space? Or do you just refuse to believe in any of this? http://vimeo.com/9904886 The greatest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the true source of all Art and Science.
-Albert Einstein- We may never reach the end of the Universe. It is truly mysterious. This is a panorama of Bulach. He mostly communicated telepathically and he taught Billy throughout his childhood. Sfath died in the 1950s. Here is a picture of Asket. This is her beamship or UFO. In 1975, Meier had contacts with an extraterrestrial woman named Semjase. They talked a great deal about universal topics. The Pleiadians are working to save humanity from our barbarism. This prezi does not hold all the answers. If you want to read about all 503 contacts to date, go this website. (not all of the contacts are available to us) The Pleiadians have presented us with a large sum of knowledge and facts covering several different topics. (there are many books out there about the contacts) Here is a video of the first contact with Billy and Semjase. http://rune.galactic.to/semjeng3.html http://www.avilabooks.com/Jmmanuel1.htm http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Main_Page
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