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Making Inferences Vs Drawing Conclusions

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Welly Fonzarellie

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Making Inferences Vs Drawing Conclusions

Making Inferences Vs Drawing Conclusions
What is an inference?
An idea that is suggested by the facts or details in a passage.
What is a conclusion?
A decision about what
may happen or about the result an event may have.
Most writing
more than it says.
making inferences
, you get more from the story.
may be missing from the things you read, so you have to draw
your own
Observe all the facts, arguments, and information given by the author.
Consider what you already know from your own experiences
When faced with multiple choice answers determine what is true or false based on the information in the passage.
Your Activity
Each group will get a list of items that could possibly be found in a bag or a trashcan. It is your job as a young detective to infer what type of person this teacher is by making an inference based off of what you found in the bag or trash can. Your sentence must begin with
"I infer"
, after you write your sentence you must draw a picture of the item you received.
You now have
10 Minutes
. Lets begin!
How It Should Look...
What is Alexander doing in this video? Using
Drawing Conclusions
Keep In Mind
Making an inference usually occurs within a passage with the information inside of the passage, while drawing conclusions is an assumed fact that might occur at the end of a passage or situation.
The End.
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