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CAB2 Indochino

Final Project Prezi

Ali Ishaq

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of CAB2 Indochino

Computer Applications to Business 2 Final Project Indochino.com - An E-Commerce Report Presented by: M. Ali Ishaq • Hasnain Zoeb • Kamran Kabir Introduction Founded in 2007 by University of Victoria Students Heikal Gani and Kyle Vucko
Manufactures and sells custom-fit and personalized men's suits, and other apparels and accessories.
Is an online business, selling through the internet without any physical or offline store. They do however have offices for staff.
Currently has 55 employees, and has served thousands of customers in 60 countries. Organizational Environment Specific Environment General Environment • Customers • Suppliers • Trend Setters • Competitors • Political Factors • Social Factors • Economic Factors • Technological Factors Operating Environment • Purchase Department • Production Department • Marketing & Sales Department • Accounts & Finance Department • IT Department • Concierge Department Performance & Interface Requirements Hardware Server with:
• Enough processing power
• Enough RAM
• Enough HDD Space
• Fast Internet connection Software • Web Server Software
• Database Software
• E-commerce Portal Other • Domain Name Purpose of
E-Commerce Technology • Communications • Financial Transactions • Marketing and Promotion • Sales • Customer Support Competitive Advantages • Sells "custom-fit" suits online. • No need to visit any tailor, even take measurements at home • Complete entire personalized suits and other apparels shopping online Revenue Model Security & Privacy • Password protected accounts • Privacy Policy • Sales only Payment Systems • Credit Cards • Electronic: PayPal Marketing Strategies Pricing Strategy Cheaper than others for customized apparels Promotion Strategy Uses only the internet to promote their products Place Strategy Has no intermediaries; sells directly to the consumer Product strategy Sells men's custom-fit suits, coats, blazers and other apparels Overall E-Business Industry Analysis Industry Size: Huge Target Market • Men
• Professionals Industry Characteristics Fashion-Based • No Barriers to Entry • Traditional and/or Internet Delivery Technology Effects • None Traditionally
• A lot if E-Commerce Based Demography • No geographical restrictions
• Customer base of young and middle-aged men
• Available to all rich and poor SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats • Has no intermediaries
• Online store, open 24x7
• Customized suits at affordable prices • Only online disallows full reach
• Focuses only on men's market • Open a physical store
• Introduce products for women • Website downtime will cripple them
• Small chance of fraud Conclusion • Indochino is an online manufacturer and seller of men's suits and apparels, formed in 2007 • They have many organizational environments affecting them, but their interconnected departments make sure they continue to prosper. • They fulfill their hardware and software requirements and have a strong infrastructure. • Calling themselves "Traveling Tailor", they provide custom-fit suits anywhere in the world. • They generate all of their revenue through sales, and accept online payments through credit cards and PayPal. • With effective use of marketing strategies, and favorable SWOT analysis, they have become a market leader. Thank you! :) •Designing Department
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