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Modern cash cycle - The Hungarian style

No description

Balazs Sisak

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Modern cash cycle - The Hungarian style

One cash center
inside logistics
outside logistics
Modern cash cycle - The Hungarian style
Cost efficiency
Technological solutions
Modern cash center
Automated transportation, storage and cash processing
Paperless communication
SAP based accounting
WEB based communication with the clients

Smooth regulation
Banknote distribution / recirculation
Testing of banknote handling machines
Protection of banknotes and coins against counterfeiting
Denomination exchange of fit and unfit banknotes and coins
Bulk logistics in the central bank
Banknotes and coins
Smallest coin denos withdrawn
200 HUF banknote changed to coin
Banknote production
Reorganistaion in the prining works
Considering new versions

Banknotes are transported and stored in large containers
Market oriented cash cycle
Large players on CIT market
Cash processing is done by CIT companies
State-of-the-art machines
CIT processing is four-five times more than CB processing
Business continuity projects
Outside the central bank
Banknote quality measuring
Understanding the demand for cash in Hungary
Main aspects of cash logistics
technological background
regulatory environment
new ideas

Coin transactions in a year (CHTO transactions excluded)
Volume of banknote transactions in a year (NHTO excluded)
Introduction of NHTO
Introduction of new fee policy
Cash processing rooms - everything on one place
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