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Bridging the Generations: Teaching to Generation Z

Learn about tried teaching strategies to teach to the current generation.

Brittany Clark- Slaughter

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Bridging the Generations: Teaching to Generation Z

Bridging the Generations: Teaching to Generation Z The Plan: Have students create a grammar textbook for texting. Every texting "rule" must be explained using the rules of traditional English grammar. The students won't even realize they are learning! The Teacher Favorite: Texting Grammar Textbook The Plan: Use Twitter's restricted character count to teach students how to narrow down their thesis statements, main idea sentences, etc. A couple of my students eventually turned some of their "Thesis Tweets of the Day" into articles that eventually went on to be published. (Good publicity for the school and great on a college application!) The School's Favorite: Tweeting for Advocacy The Plan: As you read a novel in class, have students choose one character to "Facebook." They will create a profile for their characters with likes, dislikes, history, etc. As the story progresses, students can add status updates, new interests, groups joined, etc. to reflect the plot line of the text. They really love writing on their peers' walls! The Student Favorite: Reading with Facebook The Plan: Have students create a video game designed specifically around...well...anything! This can test everything from story arc to characterization to five paragraph essays to British literature! Give the kids the SOL Standard list and have them go at it. They'll have fun trying to fit all of the standards into one game! The SOL's Favorite: The Anything and Everything Game Creator Are you concerned about the current generation's ability to Read, Write, and Think? As a past teacher of grades 7, 9, and 12, I was (and still am) concerned. The lesson plans included here were ones I did in ALL grade levels in attempts to bridge the gap between generations. Tip: If Facebook isn't allowed in your school, poster board profile pages work just as well. Once, I had my entire classroom filled with "Call of the Wild" wall posts! Tips: This works great as a group project! To up the stakes, have the teacher "study" the texting text book and take a student-created test. Students get a kick out of watching their teacher struggle with "ur" versus "u r." Tip: This can also be adapted to a simpler lesson plan by having students create board games. I once had a "Heart of Darkness" game complete with spaces that took away turns for getting lost in the jungle. Tip: This is a great way to begin and end class. Have students come up with a tweet about a certain subject to begin class and then revise at the end!
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