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CURR 509 Group presentation: 3/4/13

Freeman, Freeman, & Ramirez Ch. 3-5

Pohun Chen

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of CURR 509 Group presentation: 3/4/13

Freeman, Freeman, & Ramìrez
Chapters 3 - 5 Conclusion Mark is a student who is always asking insightful questions in class that leave you thinking "Hey, I never thought about it in that way." He enjoys discussions in class, but he seems aloof with his classmates and struggles to complete his coursework.
What measures would you take to support the emotional development and achievement of gifted students like Mark in your class?
Have your own conceptions of giftedness been modified in thinking about the reading? Breakout Discussion Curr 509: Group Presentation 3/4/13 Pohun Chen
Niobel Torres
Jessica Yeager Prereferral Intervention
Response to Intervention General Education Teacher’s Role in Identifying Students with Disabilities Tommy is a 5th grade student who has trouble concentrating in your class. He is impulsive when interacting or participating in class, can’t sit still, and insists on walking around during class time. His grades have been consistently poor. As Tommy’s teacher, do you believe there is something to be diagnosed? If so, what? What steps would you take to get him the help he needs? Breakout Discussion Expanding the definition of giftedness
see figure 5.1
Identifying giftedness
Twice exceptional
Key to successful teaching
Resources (www.nagc.org)
* Emotional development * Personal Excellence Best way to teach ELLs
Early Exit
Late Exit
One-way dual Language Enrichment (fig. 3.1)
Two-way dual Language Enrichment (fig. 3.1) Effective Practices for Students with Disabilities Served in Inclusive Settings Accommodations vs. modifications
Collaboration and consultation
Assistive technology Chahat is an ELL that came from Gujarat, India three years ago. Since his parents wanted him to learn English as soon as possible, they enrolled him in an all English program. He is now in the 6th grade, and while he is able to help his mom in everyday circumstances, he is not doing well in school. His grades in English and Social studies are especially lacking. Why do you believe this is happening? What could be done to help Chahat at this point, or should have been done by his parents to begin with? Breakout Discussion Bilingual Education: being knowledgeable about diversity within a population
accessing school-wide resources
knowing what role you can play and what impact you can have in fostering diversity
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