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autumn hursey

No description

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of autumn hursey

How Pocahontas chaged the world
Additional information about Pocahontas
Pocahontas's life
by: Autumn hursey

Pocahontas was a girl who let the wind take here any where, and she also followed the wind to the srange white clouds which were john smiths boats.
Info on why I choose to do pocahontas as my carature
I choose pocahontas because I whanted to know here better and know why she never marryed john smith and marryed john hofel and her name became rebeacca.
Introducing Pocahontas
• Pocahontas was the chief powhatan daughter.
• Pocahontas was overcome by illness and died.
• Pocahontas was an american indian princess.
• Pocahontas also learned the ways of the english,and in april 1614,with her father’s approval,she married john rolfe.
• Pocahontas was a indian that was taken to england and she never went home again but on the year 1617 at the age 22 pocahontas died.
• 1607 Pocahontas meets John Smith after he is captured
• in 1613 Pocahontas is kidnapped by the people of Jamestown. They wanted to hold her for ransom.
• 1615 Pocahontas’s son Thomas is born.

Pocahontas is famous for bridging peace between her tribe and john smith;s tribe of white men.

Pocahontas is also famous for helping the people of jamestown and also saving john smith's life

Pocahontas is also and the last thing she is famous for is being in a discouragement , and bringing peace to her tribe and the white settlers.
What Pocahontas is famous for
Pocahontas changed the world by helping people grew crops

Pocahontas also changed the world by bringing peace to the tribe that pocahontas's dad, chief Powhatan and the new town Jamestown.

Pocahontas also changed the dark gloomy world into a nice peaceful place for the white people and her tribe.
A familiar indian pocahontas recounts the life of captain john smith when his life is on thin ice.
Pocahontas was in despair when she heard that she had to leave her father and never return but she had a wonderful kid named thomas in england.
Pocahontas was a nice indian princess before she was kidnapped from her tribe.

To count again
I would recount that problem.
Dark or poorly lit, especially so as to appear depressing or frightening.: "a gloomy corridor"
I was in a dark gloomy cellar with a bunch of spiders.
Providing no hope; beyond optimism or hope; desperate.
I felt hopelessness when I got a hard homework paper.
The state of being discouraged.
I felt discouragement when I heard the test score.
Loss of hope; hopelessness.
I was in despair when my Grammie died.

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Pocahontas had to marry a guy who she meet in england and met up with john smith again and they yelled at each other and did not get marryed if that is what you thought.
pocahontas born the year 159
pocahontas meets john smith on 1607
april 1614 she marrys john rofle
pocahontas's son thomas s born 1615
1617 pocahontas died in england
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