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The Impact of Social Web on Product Development

Why all products and services want to be social. What to think about when designing services as we move from document-centric to people-centric web. Showcase on how Prezi can become more social. Presentation given 4th September 2010 at EDGE Conference

Paula Marttila

on 4 November 2011

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Transcript of The Impact of Social Web on Product Development

The Impact of API LOCATION PRIVACY OPT-IN OAUTH AUTHENTICATION App vs. Browser HTML5 vs. Flash STRUCTURED DATA DISTRIBUTED DATA #ShareOrDie 5 EB = 5,000,000,000,000 MB Everything wants to be - 2003 48h Showcase User profile search tags &and categories Notifications distributed Statistics Social Web
Product Development Social "Twitter just killed their own website.
Twitter for iPad is just that good." Don't make me a target.
Give me an incentive. Platform "Public is the new default." ? + Easy to EXPORT MY data! Platform Panel, LeWeb 2009 OPEN
Paula Marttila
twitter: @paulamarttila
http://www.linkedin.com/in/PaulaMarttila thank you How to become more social Morris Packer Live stream Me "Internet standards will always take longer time to implement and develop" vs. Silverlight I choose how to share
MY content! "APIs are the sex organs of software. Data is the DNA." Yes! Upload to Slideshare as PDF. "Location as the new shopping assistant" Responding to comments and Likes is Very addictive and increases the interaction. What's the point producing content into a black hole? How do I target my sharing?
How does the stuff of my liking find me? No bio, i.e. I don't exist to others.
No connection to other social profiles. NO SEARCH :( ONLY SEARCH WAY TOO MANY STEPS
& TECH SAVVY NO MATCH Discovery IS the New Search. both polite and social. Copyright: http://www.whatthegregg.com - Social Networking map: @Flowtown
- Dinosaures, Flickr CC: cazuryt
- Indexed Files, Flickr CC: Kyz
- You are here :Flickr CC: Erix!
- Hi, I'm a Prezi: Copyright: http://www.whatthegregg.com/new-kid-on-the-block/ Image Credits HTML5 Heaven FROM DOCUMENT CENTRIC WEB
TO The internet economy Control of distribution channel is not an Internet business model. 3 Million 250 000 + Make sure you choose and build SEO friendly. "The Web is dead" (REAL-TIME) Web PEOPLE-CENTRIC Choose your data storage and coding language wisely - AND it's got to SCALE! Don't be lazy! Everyone becomes a publisher with own audience to curate for. U.S. Internet users (May -10)
183 Million watched online video
144 Million watched 14.6 Billion YouTube videos

Online Video july -10: BBC Streamed 5.3 Million Shows To iOS Devices, Just 6,000 To Android Gilt Group iPhone sales: 5 % weekdays, 8% weekends, 18% holidays! Everything wants to be social
Then: Document-centric web
Now: People-centric web
Everyone is publisher with own audience
New economy: #ShareOrDie
Women rule on the Internet
Distributed Platforms, Data, APIs, open source
Right to privacy is an OPT-IN
Give incentives to share location
Authentication: Multiple login options, OAUTH
There will be both web and apps
HTML5 is here to stay
FANS: Create early product loyalty: beta vip testers, beta launch, social media lauch.
Remember the milk: *Jyri Engeström & Chris Messina *The Web at a New Crossroads
by Jyri Engeström & Chris Messina
http://factoryjoe.com/blog/2009/09/14/the-web-at-a-new-crossroads/ Recommended reading 58% of all online spending,
5,5h per month on social networks. Women rule e-commerce and social networking. FANS Recruit and let your product benefit from your... Offer several login options.
Don't fetch social graph by default. = don't share your password Use Other images found under CC license on http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulamarttila/ Live video streaming increased 600% since 2009. 1.4 Billion minutes streamed. Common argument:
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