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MGMT 3303 - Ch. 4

No description

Laura Guerrero

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of MGMT 3303 - Ch. 4

Ch. 4 - Emotions and Moods
Dr. Laura Guerrero
What is the role of emotions and mood in the workplace?
What are emotions?
... moods?
... affect?
In groups, explain sources of emotions and moods:
(1) personality
(2) day of the week and time of day
(3) weather
(4) stress
(5) social activities
(6) sleep
(7) exercise
(8) age AND sex
In groups, explain impact of emotions and moods on ...
(1) decision making
(2) creativity
(3) motivation
(4) leadership
(5) negotiation
(6) customer service (emotional contagion)
(7) job attitudes AND deviant workplace behaviors
(8) safety and injury at work

What is positive affect?
What is negative affect?
In groups:
(1) What is emotional labor?
(2) have you ever performed emotional labor? What are some jobs that require emotional labor?
(3) Felt emotions
(4) displayed emotions
(5) Emotional dissonance
(6) how do you feel when you experience emotional dissonance
(7) surface acting
(8) deep acting
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