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Pedro Puts on a Play


Nicole Naro

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Pedro Puts on a Play

When might someone be pensive? Someone who is pensive is thinking deeply about something. pensive Would you behave more serenely at a football game or in an art museum? If something is done serenely, it is done in a calm and quiet way. serenely How many books might be in an extensive collection? Something extensive includes a large amount of things. extensive When might you wear a shirt in a vivid color? Something that is vivid has very bright colors. vivid How does your face look when you are downcast? Someone who is downcast is feeling sad and has no hope. downcast When might you recruit a friend to help you? When you recruit someone, you get him or her to join a group for a special purpose. recruit What is something reminiscent of last summer? If something is reminiscent of something else, it brings back memories of that other time or place. reminiscent When might a coach feel consternation? Someone who feels consternation is upset or worried about what is happening. consternation What type of business might sell culinary delights? Culinary skills or tools are related to cooking. culinary What is something your teacher does to show that class has commenced? Something that has commenced has begun. commenced
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