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Digital Storytelling

For struggling writers

Dana Woods

on 21 July 2010

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling

Broad definition
M Focused Definion More focused definition Digital Storytelling To teach writing Motivation Engagement Literacy Awareness Time Access to Resources Advantages Limitations The Process The Dumbest Generation on Earth? Socrates vs Plato? or Assessment... for struggling writers What is it? Example Tools Resources Case Study Kyle
-Bad Speeling
- No revisions Ray
- Can't get started
- Loses stuff
- Works under pressure Colleen
- creative
- Missing details
- Expressive Multidimensional communication tool Multimedia texts A digital story consists of a series of still images combined with a narrated soundtrack to tell a story. History 2000's 1990's Center for digital storytelling Artists and media producers "Explore how personal narrative and storytelling could inform the emergence of a new set of digital media tools" http://apolloprojectpodcast.blogspot.com/
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