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No description

Jenny Schmitt

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Kansas

Origin of Name: From a Sioux word meaning, "South wind people."
State soil: Harney Series
State Reptile: Box Turtle
Wheat Fields
Herds of cattle

Important dates
Native Americans were in Kansas in 12,000B.C.
Kansas is a wonderful state,
There are 100 counties and state parks,
The state bird is the western Meadowlark,
Kansas is in my heart.
State Name: Kansas
State Capital:Topeka
Statehood Date: January 29, 1861
Nickname: Jayhawk State and Sunflower State
OZ Museum: Founded April 2004

Big Well: It is billed as the worlds largest hand-dug well
State Motto: "Ad aspera per aspera," meaning to stars through diffuculties
Oil well derricks
Grain storage elevator
Wichita Art Museum: Brings ideas and American art to enrich lives
Cosmosphere: U.S. space artifact second to Smithsonian national air
The three types of climates: humid continental, semi arid steppe, and humid subtropical
The most precipitation is in summer and spring

Average amout of precipitation is 16 inches
9th or 10th sunniest state
In 1803, Kansas was part of the U.S. as a free
Between 1541 and 1739 Spain and French explorers came in search of gold.
In late 1870's the removal of Native Americans territory ended their independent life.
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