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The Odyssey

No description

The Odyssey

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey

The Oddessey
After Odysseus leaves Troy, he goes to the city of Ismarus. The citizens of Ismarus aided Troy in the war, they were brave and ferocious warriors. When Odysseus and his troops arrive in Ismarus, they prepare for battle and steal all of their treasure. That night, Odysseus and his men made a mistake by eating and drinking too much. In the morning they are ambushed and attacked by natives. Odysseus manages to escape, but he loses 72 men.
The Cyclops
Odysseus and his men found a cave with plenty of food and ate them all up, Then the owner of the cave, a giant one eye creature(cyclops) went in. It was angry at Odysseus and his men. The cyclops grabbed two of the men and ate them. Everyone was terrified. When the cyclops went out , Odysseus and his men tried to escape, but they can not push the stone out of their way. After the cyclops came back, Odysseus offered it a wine. The cyclops asked for his name, and Odysseus replied with "My name is Nobody". The wine made the cyclops fall asleep. Odysseus told his men about his plan. While the cyclopss is deep asleep, the men used a sharp weapon to attack its eye. The cyclop cried in pain and cried for help, saying "Nobody hurt me". The other cyclops thought that he hurt himself and did not come to help. Odysseus and his men escaped out of the cave, leaving the cyclops in pain. The cyclops asked Poseidon to put a curse on Odysseus so he cannot go home safely.
Finally, after a 10 year war and 10 years at sea, Odysseus was home at last. But, there were all the suitors after his wife and throne, he could not come back in glory. So, he disguised himself as a beggar and beat the suitors in a contest set up by Penelope, his wife. But, the suitors wouldnt step down without a fight, and Odysseus had to slay them all. then, he had to win over Penelope again. In this he succeded, and he was, finally, back on his throne.
The Lotus Eaters
The Sirens
Charybdis and Scylla
While sailing the sea, Odysseus and his men go to the island of Aeolia. King Aeolus was on the island and was able to control the wind because Zeus made his Keeper of the Wind. Odysseus asked for King Aeolus's help and he was kind enogh to provide a steady breeze. Aeolus also gave Odysseus a leather bag and said "Never open the bag, it will help you get home." Odysseus did as he said as they sailed back to Ithaca. Ten days later he was one mile away from home. Odysseus had not opened the bag but the curiousity of his men took the best of them and they opened it. The wind in the bag took Odysseus and his men back to Aeolia and they begged King Aeolus to help them again but he refused.
Odysseus lands on the island of the Lotus Eaters and meets the natives. The natives on the island give the men who embark on their island a offering called lotus. The lotus is a drug that makes them happy and forgetful about their past and purpose. Odysseus is suspicious about the island and its people so he sends three of his bravest men on a scouting mission. The crew eat the lotus while Odysseus stays sober. The crew begins to imagine their easy lifestlye on the island and wanted to stay there. Odysseus would not give them a chance and leaves but sadly had to lose and chain three men because they lost their sense of duty and would have affected the other crew members.
Odysseus met a witch who turned his men into pigs. With Hermes' help, he overpowered Circe, the witch, and forced her to swear friendship and release his friends.
Circe gave Odysseus advice to travel to the underworld and seek the advice of Tiresias to help him home. Odysseus manages to travel into the underworld and out again, no man had ever accomplished that. The advice from Tiresias was, "don't eat the cattle of Helius, the sun god."
The sirens are creatures who sing a beautiful song to lure unexpecting sailors into their trap. When Odysseus and his men saled past the sirens, all put beeswax in their ears, except Odysseus. He had his men tie him to the mast so he could listen to the song and survive.
When Odysseus and his crew embarked upon Helius's (the sun god's) island, the crew made a terrible mistake. Against Odysseus's orders, the crew slew and ate the cattle of the sun god. Only Odysseus did not feast, so when Zeus punished them by destroying their ships, only Odysseus survived.
When Odysseus washed ashore after Zeus destroyed his ships, he found himself on the island of Calypso, the goddess. Calypso fell in love and held him captive for 7 long years. Then Hermes came to the island with a message from the gods, he told her to let him go. Calypso finally agreed and aided Odysseus on his journey home.
Odysseus makes the choice of avoiding the floating rocks and fighting a monster with many heads and a big whirlpool. The whirlpool, named Charybdis, has the ability to suck the ship to the bottom of the sea, in the proccess, breaking the ship and possibly kill everyone else on the ship. Odysseus narrowly escapes Charybdis, losing no men, but now has to face Scylla, the multi-headed monster. There, he battles the monster with bows and arrows, slashes him with his sword. He loses 6 men in the battle, each snatched up by Scylla's many heads and eaten alive.
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