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No description

tinai abordo

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Sun

I love the things that God has made
I love the big round sun
that seems to say" come out and play"
and gives a smile to everyone
I love the clouds that sail like ships
Moving fast in the sea blue sky
I love the wind that whispers
To the tress as I pass by.
I love the rain that gives drink
To lovely growing things
And splashes in the puddles
Making little magic rings
I love the softly glowing moon
The stars like a candle light
That God leaves on when He has draw
The curtain when the night comes.
big round sun

sea blue sky
little magic rings
softly glowing moon
are words that describe a noun or a pronoun, and are usually written before a pronoun or a noun it describes.
green bag
1. a_______ caterpillar
2. today is a_______ day.
3. He got the flower from the ________forest.
4. She sat on the____ rock
5. oh my! what a_____tree.
2.____ frogs
3.______ flowers
Thank You!!!!!!!!
Green bag
High chair
long handle
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