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No description

Isaac Durá

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of HeraSpace

The river in which I was playing as a child...

We all have similar stories, and places we loved & that may have disappeared.

doesn´t exists anymore....
Our nature
The same happened with some natural spots around us, close to our cities and communities,
and with the seas and oceans.
Figures shows thatwith global warming nature is being destroyed, for example the CO2 emissions of China are huge and increasing rapidly.
China pollution
Hera collaborative platform

I am here to present the project

HERA Space

When instead we should cherish
these stories and protect this places,
for our enjoyment and wellbeing.

Optimizing fishing strategies.
Geopacial data Baltics/Arctic Seas.
Cross space data & fishes behaviour.
Blockchain-ESA API-Cloud-IoT-Stats.

Welcome to the project Hera Space!!
A dynamic forecasting system, that leverages the power of the ESA API, to empower fishing companies, to tackle better capture strategies.

Hera Space perfect ally fishing
Contributing a bit/better planet.
More profitable & sustainable fishing.
So use our dynamic fishing forecasting
tool, earn simplicity and value,
and make a difference ! :)

Fishing dynamic forecasting tools.
Make big difference/ patterns/optimize
/fishing strategies.
More than fishing forecasting system.
Synchronize fishes behaviour.
What if we see a small example, in the
real life?

A small european fishing company.
Struggling generate production/ competitive & respect ocean.
Example, use of Hera Space, help to success.
Expected results
In fact we are now close to this results ad so on... as we see was not such a bad idea use Hera open collaborative platform for discuss the initiative and checking the stages of the project.
Which are the main benefits of using ESA API for geospatial data ?

1. Easy map geospatial data into an portable app.

2. Allows to upload private geospatial data.

3. Access to high quality public data from satellites.

4. And here's how it internally works in step-by-step;

Business plan

10% from the profit increment.

License fee.

European programs like Horizon2020.

High scalability worldwide.
no grabar
Small Fish. LTD is a company.
Huge efforts to make a profit.
Not competitive.
Routes are obsolete from one week to the another.
Lose money.
Dynamic routes tool HERA Space.
Make a good profit.
Successful business recovery!!
API Maps & Layers
Code overlayer the Baltic Sea.
Build dynamic pattern/time.
Specifications & detailed data.
Builds dynamically best route.
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