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Marijuana prezi

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Daniel McDonald

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Marijuana prezi

The intoxicated person would have trouble learning but only while high and not while they are sober. Marijuana has been used as early as 2900BCE.
Massachusetts was the first state to make marijuana illegal in 1911.
Marijuana was originally made illegal to control the amount of mexicans coming over the border.
Canada made marijuana illegal in 1938 but it could still be prescribed medically.
November 7, 2012 Colorado and Washington made marijuana legal recreational.
During 2003 a canadian HIV-patient became the first Canadian to receive government grown marijuana. Some important dates about marijuana The hard truth about marijuana The Medical Benefits of Marijuana Marijuana can help cancer patients with their nausea from their chemotherapy treatments. Marijuana has also been used to help patients that have multiple sclerosis. Marijuana has been used to treat patients with glaucoma but is not as efficient because the patient must be continuously high Marijuana is most effective when used to help with the appetite of those who have debilitating diseases such as AIDS. When used to relieve pain it has some mixed results however. Myths about marijuana Marijuana use causes memory loss and reduces the user's logic and intelligence.
It is true that marijuana does affect short term memory, but that only happens when the person is very intoxicated Marijuana causes people to commit violent crimes.
Marijuana does not make people violent, it actually makes them lazy, hungry, and sleepy which makes them less likely to commit violent crimes. Cannabis is very addictive.
Actually only a very small percentage of people need actual rehabilitation from smoking marijuana. Pros and cons of marijuana Pros
Some advantages of marijuana include relief of side effects from chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting .
Marijuana can also help relax the muscles of those who have multiple sclerosis or those who are paralyzed.
It is also very useful for appetite loss with those who have HIV/AIDS.
It has also been found that marijuana is a good substitute for many man-made medications because it is a natural herb and not a synthetic chemical. Cons
There are some cons to using marijuana, for instance chronically smoking matijuana can affect long term memory and perception.
the act of smoking marijuana can damage the lung tissue it is not the drug that does this but the inhalation of a combustible that does this.
some other side effects include difficulty with thinking and problem solving, loss of coordination and increased heart rate. Some Laws on Marijuana Through Out The World Australia
It is mostly decriminalized through out the country except in Queensland where it is a criminal offense. Belgium
It has been decriminalized. Canada
It is allowed medically and is still illegal. Germany
it is legal but possession laws vary by federal state. United kingdom
As of now it is still illegal but it's penalties have been lessened. USA
As of now 8 states have passed laws allowing severely ill persons to have medical marijuana, but only if they qualify, and as of now Colorado and Washington have made marijuana legal.
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