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3D Modeling Presentation

No description

Andrew McDonald

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of 3D Modeling Presentation

3D Modeling - Animal Logic
Andrew McDonald
Modeling Supervisor - VFX Department

Career Path
Industrial Design - Blue Sky Design
Animatronics - Machineability
3D Generalist - Ambience Entertainment
Modeler - Animal Logic
Modeling Supervisor - Animal Logic
Head of Modeling - Moving Picture Company
Head of Assets - Animal Logic
Modeling Supervisor - Animal Logic

Show us some of your work!
2011 Demo Reel
What is a Modeler?
From designs, concept drawings and any other available reference material, modelers are required to build 3D computer models of characters, objects, environments and special effects.

Strong sense of scale, form, weight and volume
Good drawing skills
Solid understanding of anatomy
Attention to detail
Passion and ability to research and learn on the job

Modelers are likely to have gained a degree in one of a variety of different disciplines including Mechanical or Civil Engineering, Industrial Design, Architecture, Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Sculpture, Woodwork, Metalwork, Ceramics, etc...
or even self-taught!
solid experience in at least one of the 3D CG package
(Maya, XSI, Modo, ZBrush, Mudbox, 3dMax)

Some cool demo videos
...about time!
Born in Sydney
Attended Knox Grammar School
Definitely more artistic than technical
Grew up always building and breaking things
Left school not knowing what I wanted to do
Discovered Industrial Design
Dreamed of building gadgets for James Bond
Discovered 3D
Never looked back...

Film Credits
Happy Feet, Harry Potter 4-5-6, 10000 BC, Fred Claus, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Sweeney Todd, Watchmen, Australia, Knowing, Legend of the Guardians, Suckerpunch, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (2013),
LEGO - Piece of Resistance
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