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Megan Mortimer

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Cinema

The Burnous main unique selling point (USP) is the way they invest so much into making your experience a comfortable one, creating a living room 'at home' type feel.

Bernard Booms and Mary Jayne Bitner (1982) found out how vital and powerful the environment is in regards to customer perception and satisfaction.

Waiting/bar area
Bookshelves, Boardgames and Armchairs.

The screens/seating experience
Reclining seats
Double sofa like seats available

Personal Experience
Smaller, Intimate setting

'According to Bitner, complexity: visual richness, ornamentation, information rate (Curzon) has been found consistently to increase emotional arousal, whereas coherence: order, clarity, unity (Cineworld) has been found to enhance positive evaluation.'

Factors of Quality in the Multiplex service provision
Service Quality: When purchasing goods, the consumer employs many tangible cues to judge quality: style, hardness, colour, label, feel, package, fit. When purchasing services, fewer tangible cues exist. In most cases, tangible evidence is limited to the service provider's physical facilities, equipment, and personnel. (A. Parasuraman, 1985)

The service provision needs to be assessed so that the organisation has benchmarks to work towards (Objectives and Aims)

One way of Assessing Service Provision is:

RATER dimensions
(Gemmel et al, 2013)

- Consistency of performance and dependability. This means tat the firm performs the service correctly the first time and that firm honors its promises

- Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence

- The appearance of physical facilities, the personnel, the tools or equipment used to provide the service and communication material

- Caring, individualized attention to customers

- The willingness to help the customer and to provide prompt service


We are going to be assessing the service provision and level of quality in the Cinema Industry, making comparisons between:

The Multiplex cinema (Ashford Cineworld)
& The Curzon (Canterbury)

The definition of Service is 'Any activity or benefit that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything’ – Kotler, P. (1997)

Assessing Service Provision
Factors of Quality in the Curzon service provision
The combined UK and Irish cinema market is dominated by three major UK exhibitors which make up 70% of the total box office revenues, one of these being
Cineworld Cinemas -
founded in 1995 which now has 202 screens

The rest of the market is represented by smaller multiplex operators and independents which tend to operate non-multiplex cinemas (less than five screens -

Multiplex Cinemas usually have a number of different service provisions such as Arcades, food and drink provisions and sometimes a Costa coffee with a seating area. (Cineworld, 2014)
The Curzon is a small Independent bijoux boutique style non-multiplex cinema.

There are currently only 9 Curzon cinemas compared to 202 Cineworld cinemas

The Curzon screens independent films such as ballet's and others which are not aired in large multiplex's (Curzoncinema, 2014)
Multiplex cinemas have a good servicescape, which is all objective physical factors that can be controlled by the firm to enhance customers' activities and experience as a whole (Bitner as cited in, Gemmel et al, 2014).

Comfortable Theatres:
Ambient conditions: Temperature, lighting and comfortable seating enhances the experience and encourages the customer to return (Gemmel et al, 2014).

Gaming Facilities (Arcade):
The perceived quality of the
may play an important role in determining whether or not consumers are satisfied, which in turn influences how long they desire to stay in the facility, and therefore spend more money (Turley and Fugate, 1992)

Hospitality provisions - food and drink
Food and drink provisions add to the service you recieve and this again, encourages people to stay longer and spend more of their disposable income in the establishment. Hot food such as hot dogs, nachos etc are available at cineworld, however, not at the Curzon.
Assessing Service Provision - Cineworld Multiplex
RATER dimensions

- Films always being shown on time, consistently, with a number of show times for flexibility so there is always availability for the customers.

- Through Cineworld employee training schemes, employees will have the ability and knowledge to perform their roles to a high standard which then inspires trust from customers.

- The layout of the cinema, the design and theme. TV screens around the purchasing areas to show trailers for upcoming films and promote products. Aswell as this they provide machines whereby you can purchase your tickets/pick up pre-ordered tickets.

- Employees show care and attention to customers working towards them having a positive experience at the cinema. An example of this is showing individualised attention to visually impaired/Hard of hearing customers through the provisions of Audio description and Subtitle services.

- The willingness to help customers and provide a prompt service through multiple service points.

Why Quality is important in Service Provision
Customer Loyalty/Value
A study from Coldwell Banker showed 9/10 consumers believe that customer service is the most important factor when deciding whether to give the service provider repeat business. 32% said they changed providers because of a bad service (csia, 2007).
Customer satisfaction can be achieved through high level quality (Auka, 2013)

Word of mouth is product/service related, oral person to person communications (Arndt, 1967.
This is vital and can mean the difference between success and failure. Positive reviews/word of mouth can increase sales and customer loyalty through advertising and promoting the service. Word of mouth is also the ultimate test of customer relationship (Bendtapudi and Berry, 1997:30)
Low quality = Bad reputation. it has been shown that negative information has more impact on judgements than positive information (Chevalier & Mayzlin, 2003).

Service Intangibility and Customer perception
A service is intangible, it cannot be seen, tasted or touched and therefore the only thing accountable when assessing quality is the service that is being provided. Intangibility means a total lack of Perceptions before the service is even experienced. (Filpo,2006)

Poor quality increases costs. No efficient qualty control system = costs of analysing non-conforming services and trying to improve. (Linton, 2014)
Assessing the Service Provision- The Gap Model
The GAP model identifies 7 key discrepancies or gaps relating to managerial perceptions of service quality and tasks associated with service delivery to customers. (Arash Shahin)

Gap 1
- customers expectations versus management perceptions

Gap 2
- Management perceptions versus service specifications

Gap 3
- Service specifications versus service delivery

Gap 4
- Service delivery versus external communication

Gap 5
- The discrepancy between customer expectations and their perceptions of the service delivered

Gap 6
- the discrepancy between customer and employees perceptions

Gap 7
- The discrepancy between employee's perceptions and management perceptions
The Gap Model
We are going to focus on GAP 5 - The gap between the customers preconceptions (what they're going to expect) and what their perceptions are once the service has been delivered.

A standard priced adult ticket at the Curzon is £12.50 compared to £10.60 at the Cineworld. The Curzon are charging a higher price - this means customer expectations are going to differ, naturally expecting more whilst paying a higher price.

'When comparing different goods and services customers often use price as an indicator for quality' (Monroe, 1989)

You get a unique experience at the Curzon which is why many consumers would be happy to be charged extra for this.
The Curzon is a unique experience - whereas the Cineworld is more of a fit for purpose operation.

The Curzon however, would be more successful if it showed more box office hits and had a wider range of film times. The Cineworld would not benefit from showing independent films like the Curzon does.

There are many ways to assess level of service provision/quality in the service Industry

One way of assessing service provision/quality in one organisation may work for them but not for others

By Megan Mortimer, Oliver York, Elizabeth Healey, Jack Clayton
Any Questions :)?
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