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No description

Jennifer Foster

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of MOTIVATION

How about a little internal motivation?
This part is all up to you! Try to amp up your motivation from within:
Are you still stuck in the 'whatever phase'?
How can you snap out of the apathy?
How can you decide to be 'in it to win it' for the next few months?
How motivated are you to improve your midterm mark?
Are you ready for a 'sprint to the finish'?

Is the good weather sucking away your academic motivation?

It is not quite summer vacation yet!
Take a minute to measure your current mindset:

"I am not going to do this."
Mindset of Integrated Regulation:
"I am doing this because I get that it is important."
Mindset of Autonomous Self -Regulation:
"I am doing this because I love it; Not just as a means to an end- but an end in itself. "

" I am only doing this so my mom will give me the bike she promised if I get an A."
Are you this kid? If you are amotivated then you need a complete change around in terms of approach or you are setting yourself up for poor results.
Are you this kid? Sometimes external motivations like this work. Parents and friends can provide this motivation for you when you can't find it within yourself and you feel like giving up.
" I am doing this because I know it will help me become what I want to be."
(What-? You don't love every course you are in this semester..?...)
Start by setting goals that are:

A) Measurable and B) Attainable
Current Mark
Not so
Setting realistic goals is key.
Academic goals can be measured in terms of marks or in terms of performance goals.
* Have a teacher assist you in setting goals for the next two months that you are absolutely
able to achieve.
* Empower yourself. Reward yourself for small successes. Be proud!
* Don't give up on yourself. Nobody else has!
*Come see a STUDENT SUCCESS teacher in
Guidance or in Rm #140.

We can work together to help boost that midterm mark.
In Trying We Succeed.
*One task at a time, eh?
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