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Medline SDLC Overview

This presentation will guide viewers through the Why, How and What of consistently utilizing a common Software Development Life Cycle approach.

Mark Hepler

on 25 August 2010

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Transcript of Medline SDLC Overview

has the Resources and Market position to make a significant improvement in the State of Healthcare Largest Sales Force in the industry Patented High Quality Products Highly experienced, World Class Staff Significant Capital Reserves Cutting edge Computing Technology Innovative Programs As Medline continues to grow and expand, this impact is quickly expanding... Picture of globe - Zoom out In order to effectively capitalize on this opportunity, Medline needs to:
Be Agile;
Utilize Technology;
Be efficent;
Provide World Class Customer service;
Never rest on our laurels! <-- and always continue
to be cost conscience!
Medline depends on its I/S department to assist its Subsidiaries, departments and divisions to constantly transform as needed in order to meet the demands and opportunities of a constantly evolving and growing Healthcare marketplace. Other companies in other industries have accomplished this by adopting and adhereing to
World Class Standards and approaches related to Software Development. Educational Programs to assist Medical pofessionals

Solutions that Improve Clinical Outcomes

Largest Privately Held Manufacturer and Distributor of Medical Supplies

A broad line of solutions to fit a wide variety of customer situations

Products that greatly improve patient dignity
As Medline continues to grow and expand, this impact is quickly expanding...
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