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2.4 - PE in Society

No description

Ryan Farrow

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of 2.4 - PE in Society

PE in Society
Unit 24
PE and The Care of Young Children
Read the article and answer the following question

To what extent do you think parents and family can influence a young persons involvement in sport ?

Impacts on General Health and Physical Fitness
Emotional Stability
Social Cohesion

Social Inclusion

Crime Reduction

Impacts on Economy

Learning Aims
Understand the relationship between PE and Society
Analyse the benefits that PE brings to society
Checking for Learning
Activity 1
You have 3 minutes to prepare a spiel regarding a topic chosen at random from last weeks lesson
The benefits that PE brings to society stem from benefits to an individual
These affect society when an individual makes positive contributions to society
Increases overall health and fitness.
Reduces the prevalence of negative health factors such as obesity and mental health problems
PE develops self confidence -self esteem and feelings of peer acceptance
Decision making skills
Dealing with minor setbacks
Solutions to problems
Less likely to suffer from mental health problems in later life
Task 2
3 main benefit areas to PE:
Task 3
In pairs you must teach the group the meaning of your benefit to PE.
Checking for learning
Social Cohesion-
Social Inclusion -
Crime Reduction-
Impact on general health-
Callum V Harry
Joao V Kieron
Luke V Liam
Elliot V Corey
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