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Seven Pounds

No description

Katie Hartai

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds Plot Ezra Opening scene foreshadowing Ben's ultimate fate. Title is reffering back to a play Shakespeare wrote in 1596 called The Merchant of Venice.
Its about a desperate man who has to pay back a money loan with a pound of his own flesh if he doesn't rereimburse the bank by the right time.
The pound-of-flesh metaphor is now used when refering to something which is owed, that must be paid back.
In this film, the main character feels he must pay back his figurative debt from a car crash he caused that killed seven innocents by dirasticly changing the lives of seven people. Ezra is visualy impared but ends up recieving Ben's eyes through donation.
In the beginning of the movie Ezra is working in customer service department of Chyene Meats when he is ridiculed by Ben over the telephone.
“You have got to be kidding me. A virgin blind beef-salesman who doesn't eat meat”
Ben tries as hard as he can to get some sort of negative reaction out of Ezra so he begins to taunt him about the part of life Ezra is missing out on by being blind.
“I'm starting to feel pretty bad for you Ezra. Because I look at my life and it is surrounded by so much beauty and you can't see shit. Do you even know what colour the ocean is?”
Ezra is such a decent person, he doesn't stand up for himself in the slightest way.
"Thank you for calling Cheyenne Meats. Goodbye Mr. Thomas.” Emily suffers from health problems based around her defective heart.
"You suffer from congenital heart failure and are currently status two which means you are sick enough to be on a national waiting list, but not sick enough to be admitted into the hospital and placed on status one. So basically if your heart starts to fail quickly and no donor can be located, your screwed”
Emily passes Ben's tests about her self control in reation to his rudeness.
They fall in love, and in the end Ben literally gives his heart to Emily. EMILY POSA Ben Thomas Ben's brother who's identity is temporarily stolen.
Killed his lungs from smoking, so Ben gave him one of his own. Connie Tempos Connie strives to be an independent woman for her kids in order to provide them with the safe and comfortable atmosphere they deserve, but struggles by living with an abusive husband.
“Her boyfriend almost killed her last year when she tried to leave. He broke three of her ribs last month. She is scared to death to press charges and we can't do anything.”
Ben gives her his beautiful ocean beach-house with only the request that she doesn't speak of how it became her posesion. Nicholas A young boy who needed a bone-marrow transplant. Holly works in a Child safty and Family welfare department.
Ben gave her half of his liver. George Coaches a rare ethnicly integrated hockey team and assists his players on getting scholarships into collage.
George was given a kidney from Ben. Ben cannot escape his guilt from causing an accident that killed seven people, including his wife.He feels that giving
back to seven other people
is the only way to make it up to the universe. Organ Donation http://recycleme.org/ Why should you donate?
You can save up to eight lives and enhance as many as 75 others through organ and tissue donation. More than 1600 Ontarians are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant and many others are waiting for a tissue transplant. You won't be needing them anyway, so don't be selfish.
Please don't feel as though you need to the extent of selflessness as Ben. Important Literary Devices Foreshadowing
Symbols Mirror Image by Lena Coakley
Compared to
Seven Pounds by Gabriele Muccino Mirror Image Summary Alice wakes up in a hospital in an alien body and has to relearn how to use her body for basic tasks.
After months of doctors assisting her with the transition of her brain from body to body her mother explained that the only option to save her was a brain transplant.
Even through she felt more beautiful then ever, Alice tried to avoid mirrors as much as possible.
Alice and Jenny, her twin sister begin to let their physical differences pull them apart.
The mother of Alice's donated body, had issues with her daughter “coming back to life” and the father hoped to find his daughter's soul inside the familiar body. The main similarity between the two stories would be the fact that they both revolve around organ donation and how the lively hood of people can be effected by it. The difference is that the main character is seven pounds is the organ donor and while the one in Mirror Image is the recipient. Main Similarity Mirror Image
This story is told through a third person narrator.

Seven Pounds
This film is told entirely in a first person narration through Ben Thomas’ point of view. Literary Devices Mirror Image
This story is wrote out of the chronological order that events occur in.
It creates a sense of interest for the reader and keeps the audience in suspense wondering what will happen next, or before for that matter.

Seven Pounds
Ben's memories not only explain his past to the audience but also what is to come of his future.
He does not discuss the car accident at all in the present, so by understanding it through flashbacks viewers have more knowledge and explanation to why he ows his “seven pounds of flesh” Naration Forshadowing Both
If these series of events were correctly placed and memories where given at the beginning of the movie instead of throughout, it would result in a fairly basic story.
It allows you to have that “clicking” moment after you have finished and finally come to realize how everything fits together. Similar Themes- appearance VS. reality Unfortunately all animal species will judge an object or individual based upon its outer appearance, especially humans. We do this before the opportunity is given to truly discover the characteristics lying underneath possible misleading physical qualities. Mirror Image
By reading the title you become aware of the fact that things are not always the way they appear to be. A mirror provides only a reflection and is oblivious to feelings on the inside which tend to be a common mistake in society as well.
Jenny, the beloved sister of Alice, lets the transformation of her sisters body and outer appearance takes over take over her opinion so much that she rushes into a hasty conclusion stating that the new Alice must have been buried along with her body.
“Sometimes... I don't know... Sometimes I think my sister is dead”. Seven pounds
Ben appears to be a lowly tax collector but he has a degree from one of the most recognized universities in the united states. Before the accident he works as an aeronautics engineer designing spaceships for a large company.
As a child, and in the present Ben could not possibly imagine that such a delicate looking creature such as the boxed jellyfish could posses some of the deadliest venom on the earth.
Stewart Goodman appears to run a quality nursing home and looks like a successful businessman but he actually does a terrible job running it because he does not supply his clients with any respect. Similar Characters Mirror Image- Mother
Twice in this story it is mentioned by Alice that her mother told her “We'll get through this, the human mind is incredibly adaptable”.
When the Jarred's are on television again speaking about their displeasure about the misuse of their daughters donated body the twins mother reassures them to not worry because they don't have a “legal leg to stand on”. Seven Pounds- Emily
She explains to Ben all of her hopes and dreams of what she will do after the transplant, before she even has confirmation of one.
“There are so many things I want to do. Just travel, go backpacking, have experiences and see the world. I just wanna have the time to figure out who it is that I am. Do things, try things, get out of my head for once. I would really like to go running. I think about it sometimes. What it would be like to run.”
After a little romantic heat enters the movie, Emily talks positively about her future and what it will be filled with.
“What if my pager goes off. And it is a heart. And it works. And my body doesn't reject it. And what if I have time.”
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