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my fitt plan

No description

genevieve hakanson

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of my fitt plan

My F.I.T.T Plan My plan My plan is to workout Monday through Saturday I would do zumba mon. wed. fir. and sun. i would do the strength training video on Tuesday and Thursday. Frequency I would keep on myself to work out i would have a certain time to workout each day. Intensity I would push myself harder each week and get better at each thing i do till it is simple and easy to handle. Time I would do my workout for one hour a day. I would have planned times for them. If i feel like i did not work hard enough then i would and more time. Type Zumba is a dancing work out . i would do yoga on Saturdays. Strength training is a strength workout . Yoga is stretching Ways to stay on track 1. Do the workout with friends 2. Start eating better 3. Set particular times to do it.
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