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Japan Water Project

No description

A Lee

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Japan Water Project

Amount of freshwater
Japan Water Project
Industry and its affect on water in the country
Where is Japan?
Japan has approximately 127 million people
Basic information about Japan
By: Alexis Lee & Lily Han
Rivers and Lakes in Japan
Water Dams and their affects on the landscape, people, etc.
Amount of groundwater
-There are 52 rivers and 29 lakes in Japan
Shinano River
-length of 367 km
Biwa Lake
-length :63.5 km
- width:22.8 km
The main water dam in Japan is the Miyakojima water dam
Dams can produce electricity
Therefor the dams won't pollute the air and create pollution
Environmental problems that have affected the water

Paddy field
Process of sewage
in Japan
Tsunami 2011
Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear disaster






-http://www.sherwoodinstitute.org/decentralized-wastewater-treatment-puducherry-and-japan% E2%80%99s-johkasou-2/










There is a total of 430 cubic kilometers of freshwater in Japan
Crops and Irrigation
Is the country bordering the coast and is desalination a possibility
Is this country using a lot of water? Very little? What could they do better?

Any interesting water related facts about the country

Reverse osmosis is the most common type of desalination in Japan
Japan ranks 9th in the world for desalination countries
Floor Toilet Slippers
Floor Toilets
A How-To Guide
Irrigation in Japan
Backside Spraying Toilet
Irrigation is mainly used for paddy fields
25,000 km² of lands were irrigated in 2010
Japan uses approximately 83.5 billion cubic meter of water every year
Car industry in Japan
Industral waste near Japan
Uminonakamichi Nata Seawater Desalination Plant
Industral waste- coast of Japan
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