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ss presentation on Horatio alger


Natalya V

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of ss presentation on Horatio alger

When did he start to write? What did he do? How did he become famous and rich? Who was he? Why did he write so many "rags to riches" books? Ironically, there was a
tornado in Kansas
the day she died. Where did he become famous? Horatio Alger- "Rags to Riches" He was known as
-Horatio Alger Jr.
-Arthur Lee Putnam
-"Holy Horatio" -American author
-son of a Unitarian minister
What is "rags to riches"? Ragged Dick was his first novel that led him to making 100 more stories in the "rags to riches" structure
1866- when he moved to New York First novel published in book format- 1868 New York Alger moved to New York City, which proved to be a turning point in his career.
He was immediately drawn into the world of impoverished young bootblacks, newspaper boys, and peddlers. Alger became famous in New York from his young boy adventure stories But,Alger never became rich.
-he gave most of his money to homeless boys
-he even held private tutoring classes to support his income After a while, his books became no longer popular, but the moral messages were an important factor in popularizing the American dream  1832 Born‐ Revere, Massachusetts
 1899 Died- Natick, Massachusetts  Connection
-When Alger returned from Europe, the Civil War started.
Alger wanted to join the army, but since he was only 5 foot 2 and he had bad eyesight he was unable to join the army. Instead he wrote patriotic stories. His first novel for boys, Frank's Campaign,was a tale about the home front of the Civil War, which was published in 1864. It sold well and was quickly reprinted. "I soon found reason to believe," he wrote later, "that I was much more likely to achieve success as a writer for boys than as a writer for adults". Thank You! -American author of popular influential books and bibliographies
-published succesful children books
-was invited to Newsboys' Lodging House, served in the house for 30 years helping young ones and runaways
-wrote 109 books with about 50,000 words each -Alger's books were described as "rags to riches" stories
-illustrating that poor boys might be able to achieve the American Dream of wealth and success through hard work, courage, determination, and concern for others. -Widely held view involves Alger's characters achieving extreme wealth
-After spending 30 years in the Newsboys' Lodging House, he interviewed many young boys. Most of the information from the young boys was included in his stories WHO WAS HE? WHAT DID HE DO? WHAT IS "RAGS TO RICHES"? WHEN DID HE START TO WRITE? WHY DID HE WRITE SO MANY "RAGS TO RICHES" BOOKS? WHERE DID HE BECOME FAMOUS? HOW DID HE BECOME FAMOUS AND RICH?
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