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Emily Twigg

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of THE BEAVER WARS.

The beaver war lasted for several years, it had started in the mid 16 century. It was located in the great lakes region. The conflict started in 1645 when the French invaded the Iroquois territory and went on with tons of conflicts thorough the year. The war was brutal and was considered one of the bloodiest series of conflicts. It ended in 1650 once the Iroquois won.
There where several people/nations that fought in the beaver war. Mostly it was the Huron Indians who made peace and teamed up with the French to defeat the Iroquois indians. The Iroquois teamed up with the English. Mostly because both of the indian nations didn't have"guns" and they both wanted to defeat each other so the indians made peace for the french\English for "gun power"
The beaver war-also known as the Huron\ french Iroquois war impacted a series of conflicts throughout 1645-1650
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
what were the results and effects
of the beaver wars?
When did the conflict start and when did the conflict end?
What were the causes of the beaver wars?
Who fought in the beaver war?
The results and effects of the beaver war are that the French had dominated early European fur trade and lost their power controlling the fur trade after the war. New France was conquered by the English. All trading rights became English. The English had dominance in the fur trade. The war had effected fur trade greatly because if the English\Iroquois did not win the war the french would of had control and privileges of the fur trade not the English.
The causes of the beaver war was that the Iroquois nation wanted to extend their territory. They had traded so much beaver with the Europeans that beaver fur was really hard to find in their territory. Therefor they went and crossed over the Huron river into the Huron territory/indians to ask for more fur/more territory to hunt for fur. The Huron did not like the idea of the Iroquois taking their beaver to trade with so a war started instead. The Iroquois wanted to control the fur trade between the european markets.
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