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The Ideal Math Learning Environment

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colleen Looby

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of The Ideal Math Learning Environment

It is important that any math classroom have a large selection of manipulatives readily available for student use - and that students know they can use them at any time.
Collaborative Spaces
In addition to the carpet space, it is important to have other places in the classroom where collaboration can take place.
Varied Resources
I use a variety of resources in my math classroom. You'll notice that our Nelson Mathematics 5 text book is not one of my top 3 "go to's"... it's not even one of my top 5!
Carpet Space
A Picture Journal
The Ideal Math Learning Environment
It also gives students an alternative place for groups to congregate, spread out and work through problem solving.
The carpet is a valuable tool in a math class. It give a gathering place for the whole class, away from work stations, for Math Talks and Literacy connections.
One of my favourite is a white board like this, where students can manipulate magnets or sticky notes as they think through a problem. I've put magnet tape on the back of some of my manipulatives just for this purpose.

Math Rich Walls

Quiet Corner

Human Resources

Technology is essential in any classroom in the 21st century. In math, it provides many opportunities for collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.
The walls and bulletin boards of a classroom offer a history of the students’ work and a source of information for students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Anchor charts should be student generated and be a useful reference to students. Displays of students’ work should feature strongly in the classroom environment and be changed regularly throughout the year.
"In order to ensure that all students have their work displayed during the year teachers can ... set up a bulletin board with a distinct space for each child in the class. Making students responsible for choosing
An idea from
a piece of word to be displayed in their individual space on the bulletin board encourages students to reflect on their work.
Along with all the collaborative spaces in the classroom, a space should be set aside for a quiet work environment. This space should be inviting so it does not feel like a punishment to be there.
The teacher within a classroom sets the tone for the learning environment.
The EA's and support teachers who work within our classrooms also play a vital role.
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