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The enemy of the environment

No description

Victoria Carro

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of The enemy of the environment

Remembering "Laudato Si"
Here we can see the Basilica with the message made by Greenpeace
Enviroment: Latent damage of the wall
A year ago he was called the clown Trump because of his idea of building a huge wall to separate USA from Mexico. Now the supposed clown is about to develop this crazy structure. But apart from the consequences for both societies what about the eviroment? More than sixty animals species are in danger and like humans they need to migrate also from one country to another. What is more the wall blocks some drainage causing the accumulation of water and as a consequence the floods of cities like Nogales in Mexico

Trump dismantles Obama's environmental policy against climate change

The White House wants to put the United States in a "very different" direction and get it off the politican of reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Trum said "Does not reflect" my priorities.
The objetive is eliminate the Climate Action Plan, which cuts emissions of gaseous pollutants by the coal sector.
The president believes that much of this relationship did not help the industry.
The aim of the Trump decree is to restore the country's "energy independence" and "not implement policies that endanger the economy."
The enemy of the environment
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