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Creatively Me

The creative inspirations of Karis Lane!

Karis Lane

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Creatively Me

Creatively Me
Me, Myself, & I
This portrait inspires me not only creatively, but it also inspires me to learn more through my classes and books I read. This portrait is of a woman who is being studious and focusing intently. This inspires me creatively by making me want to create art that represents a more positive side and representation of African American women. Much of society only sees us in a negative light so this portrait presents us in a much more beautiful and truthful light. This portrait uses 2 subjects, a book and a woman, to inspire and enlighten!
This quote is very simple, yet very inspiring to me. Throughout my life I have always seen potential in others, but have found it hard to see the potential in myself. When I get a task or something out of my comfort zone I always resort to "It's too hard" and "I can't do it". This quote reminds me that even if I think I can not do it that I should push through it! In the end I always look through what I did and remind myself that nothing is impossible and through faith and hard work I can get whatever it is done!
My mom has always been my inspiration for anything that i do whether it be creative or not! When I am in doubt or frustrated she is there to push me and tell me that I can do anything. She has also taken me on many trips which has allowed me to see many things and places that inspire me. Whether it be a poem or a painting my mom consistently inspires to try and master new skills!
My Mom
This image represents freedom from all the preconceived thoughts about me and who I am. I am not the smallest of the girls nor do I have the fairest completion therefore when people see me they automatically assume different things about me. This image reminds me that I do not have to conform to the ideals people have of me! This image also inspires me to let people's harsh criticisms roll off of my back and not let weigh me down. Being free and unaffected by peoples harsh words brings a peace that allows your creativity to flow more freely!
This picture is also simple, but sets an awesome reminder: Live Life Happy! This is so important to my creativity. It is important because someone is always watching you, and you may never know how your light may shine onto someone else. You might never be able to change how someone feels about you, but what you can change is how you make someone feel. Drawing that picture or writing that poem could inspire someone who would've never thought to open their creative side. When you live happily that tends to be contagious amongst others. I am a believer in you reap what you sow, so if you sow happiness you will reap in happiness!
Just Be Happy!
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