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presueing people to be a gymnast.

shae jantovsky

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of gymnastics

Have you ever jumped on a 4 inch platform 6 feet off the ground? Goals Meet Season Dedication and hard work will take you farther than you think. November -May, the best time for a gymnast.
you get to compete with your newly developed skills, and show what you're made of. "If you train the same as yesterday, you really didn't train at all."-H Team mates Team mates are your second family.
You are always there for each other. Conditioning at home. Putting forth 110% everyday.. Meets You get to spend time with your team.
Can't wait to hear what your place is.
Standing on the podium for 1st place is the best feeling ever!! What are your goals as a gymnast? If you don't have goals as a gymnast, then it will be harder for you to succeed. After each meet season is over, new goals are always created. You now what to expect, so you know what to achieve. The outfits are beautiful.
Their comfortable, and have many colors.
They range from sparkly, velvet, plain, glittery, etc.
Having a leotard on makes you want to compete!! Seven days a week, four hours a day? Dreams As a gymnast, your biggest dream is to be the best of the best.
Never give up on your dreams. If you're going to eat mat, eat mat hard. Being a gymnasts isn't easy. Actually really hard, but after pushing through the hard days, you can get through anything. That's when champions are made. Leotards
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