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(Agriculture Information System)

Jorge Rich

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of AGRIS

(Agriculture Information System) AGRIS 201 participating centers from all over the world.
There are approximately 240 national, international and intergovernmental centers participations counted in this global network to date.
More than 60 of the centers participating in AGRIS already have their own website and many of them publish their own bibliographical databases on web.
The bibliographic references forwarded by participating countries are collected and processed in the AGRIS Processing Unit Vienna Participation or Membership AGRIS CD-ROMs

AGRIS Online Databases Products Information Services
Other Services
Other products on Web and FTP Server (APU Vienna) Services Strategy and Strengthening

1)Improving electronic publishing of documentation in agricultural science and technology.
2)Linking the information about institutions related to one another.
3)Scientists and researchers involved in those activities.
Future Planning 1)Providing the AGRIS audience with information of high quality with medium complexity;
2)Providing a standardized format for the exchange of bibliographic information;
3)Allowing AGRIS Resource Centers to provide their information in HTML/PDF formats or to be easily exposed for multi-host searches.
4)Making it easier for people around the world to storage and retrieve references and literature regarding agricultural and subject within.
Benefits Mission, Vision and Objective Vision

Global initiatives of international partner organizations are committed to work to increase the public benefits deriving from investment in agricultural research and innovation for development.
The overall objective of AGRIS is still understood to be improving access and exchange of information in the area of agricultural science and technology, while strongly emphasizing capacity building. Mission
To promote free access to information on science and technology in agriculture and related subjects. The End
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