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Why Should I Fix My Leaking Roof When the Sun is Shining?

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Nir Sherwinter

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Why Should I Fix My Leaking Roof When the Sun is Shining?

Why Should I Fix My Leaking Roof
When the Sun is Shining?
Why should I care?
What is Digital Preservation?
Berkeley, How Much Info?
Proportion of original, unique publishing
Need to Think of Changing Media
Need to Think of Changing Formats
And more:
• Training issues
• Ingest difficulties
• Access challenges
• Storage demands
• Monitoring of standards
• Organisational challenges
• Metadata
Role of a Memory Institution
Traditional Institutional Services
Digital Preservation as Part of the Digital Institution
So, this is
Now let's move to the
Traditional vs. Digital Institution Lifecycle
Digital Institutional Services
Thank You
The Growth of Digital Materials
A Presentation by Nir Sherwinter
’The greatest enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan.’ We have never preserved everything; we need to start preserving something.
You Should Start Now!
More Than 100 Development Years
Maximum Usage of Open Source Tools
Requires Minimum Staffing
One Centralized System
Intuitive User Interface
Pre-loaded Preservation Data
Ready-to-use software plugins
Deposit files from day one!
Peer Review Group
Web Services
Rosetta SDK
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