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Lab Safety

No description

William Barber

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of Lab Safety

How should we enter the classroom from 6th to 7th period. Explain in TTQA

M: In your seat
V: Level 0
P: Answer the question then fill out the objective into your agenda.
Mini Lesson
Work Period
Continue working on group project.
Project is DUE TOMORROW!
Start Finalizing all information, if that is complete practice the presentation.
You will be assessed on 1. answering all the questions, 2. Your creativity, 3. Citing your work, 4. Collaboration and Teamwork.
All groupwork expectations need to be followed today, if not it will be completed for homework.
Volunteers for going first in tommorows class?
You will be acknowledged.
Will pick random if not.

Lab Safety
Citing Evidence in Science
Make sure all work is cited that was recieved from any source.
MLA in a Science Project
Author's last name, first name.

"Title of work within a project or database."

Title of site
project, or database
Electronic publication information
Date of access and <full URL>.
Example of Website
Devitt, Terry.
Lightning injures four at music festival."

The Why?


2 Aug. 2001.

23 Jan. 2002 <http://whyfiles.org /137lightning/index.html>.
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