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No description

Greg Travers

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Tesla

What does Tesla do?
Founder's Story
The Companies success can be attributed to the founders visionaries for the future of the motor industry.

Despite the lawsuit claims, Tesla was founded by Marc Tarpenning, Martin Eberhard, Elon Musk, Ian Wright, Tom Gage and JB Straubel.

Tarpenning and Eberhard, concluded that electric cars were the future of the transportation industry, especially with the growth rate of cars on the road and decline of oil availability.

Wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than gasoline-powered cars.
About Tesla
Marketing Strategy
Business Model Canvas
Greg Travers
Liz McTighe
Lauren Annable
E-Commerce and Online Business
Professor Antonio Marquez

Table of Contents
SWOT Analysis
Financial Reports
Questions for the class
No direct competitors
remains undisputred top choice in plug in electric cars
top speed 133mph
range of 256 miles
Indirect Competition
Chevrolet Volt: plug in hybrid sedan
half the price
better range
modern interior design
not purely electric
recommends premium gasoline
Nissan Leaf
less expensive
interior space and modern amenities
small range of 73 miles
5 hours to recharges
Indirect Competition
BMW "i" sub-brand
low factory emissions
lightweight engine
lower price tag
93mph top speed
99 mile range

Honda Clarity: hydrogen propelled car
270 mile range
3-5 minutes to refuel
gradual accleration
no network of hydrogen fuel stations
Developed 1st fully electric sports car “The Roadster”

Partnership supplier to other manufacturers i.e Toyota
Strong technological expertise in the area of electric transmissions & drive train
Ability to develop vehicles completely in house
Platform developed for Model S has the ability to be used for their future crossover Model X
Higher costs of production as economies of scale are not achieved since they fully develop the vehicles
Government regulations and auto dealerships that pose a threat to purchasing a car online
Small market segment to target
Higher prices and costs due to demand and innovative technology
Growing support by governments across the globe for environmentally friendly vehicles in form of exemptions from duties & other support
Supports the Mercedes’ Smart car, which can lead to learning which will help them with their passenger cars which they plan to launch in near future
Improvements in the quality control processes can reduce these costs drastically
Tesla wants to be able to produce, distribute & sell its cars to average income individuals which seems difficult to achieve due to their current business model
Skimming price strategy has not been used so far in the auto industry
Currently technology competing against the combustion engine which has been used for over 100 years
Started with a great product
fast as a Porsche
fully electric car
few moving parts
most cargo space of any car in its class
sports car that seats 7
Started high and now working its way down
started with production of $100k vehicles and now working towards $60k entry-luxury model
at high end customers prepared to pay a premium
drive down market prices at higher unit volumes with each successive model
Create new multi-channel model
no Tesla dealerships
mall showrooms
no commissioned sales people
transactions conducted online
clear, clean, effective website

Build community and focus on experience
user forums and user comments is a key part of online experience
Leverage with the media and traditional press
press coverage, reviews, awards
worked hard to position brand and make sure that the right message comes through
The Apple Computer of the Car Industry
selling a product very different than anything seen before
focus on great products and innovation
building own eco-system
challenging traditional sales models
Balance Sheet Summary
Tesla is an automaker, a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation.

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers in Silicon Valley.

The founders Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning had a mission to accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable transport.

Tesla designs and sells high performance, super efficient electric cars.

Today the Company is worth more than $25 billion and has one of the highest growth rates in the U.S.

Produces power train components for car producers such as Daimler and Toyota.

Designs and manufactures the first ever premium electric car series.

Provides Tesla owners the benefit of charging at home so they never have to visit a gas station or spend a cent on gasoline.

Strives for each new generation would be increasingly affordable.
Total Assets: 5,849,251 2,416,930

Total Liabilities: 4,879,345 1,749,810

Total Stockholder's Equity: 911,710 667,120

Total Revenues: 3,198,356 2,013,496

Gross Profit: 881,671 456,262

Total Operating Expenses: 1,068,360 517,545

Net Loss: (294,040) (74,014)
What it is like to drive a Tesla?
Key Activities:
have produced over 50,000 of the Model S
37 service centers across U.S
393 Supercharger stations
Key Resources:
superchargers infrastructure
human resources
store system
financial security
Key Partners:

Value Proposition
3 different battery options
car customization
free charging at "Supercharger" stations
Cost Structure
less concerned with cost
more concerned with creating value for customer
Revenue Streams
56,800 Model S as of December 2014
help other car makers develop electric cars of there own

Customer Segments:
affluent environmentalist
rich early adapters
generation y, mid 20s to 40s, middle class working adaults
Customer Relationship:
"cult like" following
extremely high owner satsifaction
direct distribution
5 retail stores in Germany
46 retail stores in USA
Direct Competition
12/31/2014 12/31/2013
Competitive Advantage
40 patents approved, 200 patents pending
Acceleration, innovation, zero emissions
Low cost comprehensive battery pack
18650 cells
up to 18,000 RPM
No shifting & instant peak torque
Technological advantage

Max Miles per single charge
Comparative Stats
Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA)
IPO: Jun 29, 2010




52wk Range: 177.22 - 291.42

Volume: 7,925,137

Market Cap: 24.82B
5 month
5 year
About Tesla
-What it's like to drive a Tesla
Founder's Story
What does Tesla do?
Business Model Canvas
Marketing Strategy
Finacial Report
Competetive Advantage
Questions for Class
What price would you feel comfortable paying to own a Tesla?

Do you see any dangers associated with driving an electric car?

How many cars will Tesla sell by year 2022?
A. 904,210
B. 322,689
C. 97,109
D. 123,654
Works Cited

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