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Jason Derulo Famous Musician Project

No description

emily hiller

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Jason Derulo Famous Musician Project

Jason Derulo What is Jason Derulo real name? Jasons real name is Jason Joel Desouleaux When was Jason Derulo born Jason was born September 21 1989 he is 21 Were is Jason Derulo from Jason Derulo's hometown is Miami, Florida USA What is Jason Derulo musical background? Jason Derulo use to write songs for famous people
he was attending performing arts school
he was on a show called "Showtime at Apollo" 2006 and was singing Jason won the grand prize. How did Jason Derulo become famous? Jason got discovered by J. R. Poten and stated in 2006 What style of music does Jason Derulo perform? Jason Derulo performs R&B/ hip-hop/ pop What instrument dose Jason Derulo play? Jason Derulo sings and plays the drumkit Does Jason Derulo write his own music? Yes Jason Derulo does write his own music What is the music usally about? Jason Derulo music is about girls love and life Does Jason Derulo have any cds/ albums? Yes Jason Derulo has a cd/ album called "Jason Derulo" What are some of Jason Derulo's songs? Some of Jason Derulo's songs are
-Whatcha Say
-In My Head
-Love Hangover
-The Sky is The Limit
-Ridin Solo
-What If
-Off My Brain
-Encore Why did i choose Jason Derulo? I chose Jason Derulo because I like his songs and I knew a little about him and knew most of his songs Extra info.
Jason Derulo did write songs for
-Danity Kane
-Donnie klang
-Sean Kingston
-Lil Mama Extra info.
When Jason Derulo was 12 his future manager Frank Harrs helped impoved Jasons basketball skils (When he was yonger)
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