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The Devil, Divine

No description

quinn murphy

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Devil, Divine

Feniths' Reach
A Divine Mission Hide a god's secret
Explore new land Many Years of War
Region was slowly settled. Haldale Clearbrook Tholtisburg Dilpindar The Temple of Dawn Feras An extension of the Kostas kingdom,
the gold mines, ancient treasures, and
and war spoils give Fenith's Reach
special value to both King Therdon
and Duke Gerault. Though the commitment of force over the years increases, new enemies and threats have surfaced... A creature thought slain
is found alive, and the secret
creates war in the heavens
and the nine hells. In the midst of this, adventurers determine whether
one special being will ascend towards goodness or
descend towards evil. The Devil, Divine
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