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dolly baruah

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of INDIA

to the
world of India
Freedom strugle of INDIA
Father of the Nation
Festivals of India
Freedom struggle of India
India is the land of color
with diverse culture .
It is the seventh largest country by area.
The second most populous country with over 1.2 billion people.
It consist of 28 states, 7 territories, and
and each has at least one language.
Sri lanka
Bordering Countries
The Mahatma Gandhi

India got its freedom from the
British Raj who ruled the country for 150 years on 15th August, 1947, which we celebrate as Independence Day.

Mahatma Gandhi, the main person behind India's freedom struggle , is referred to as the Father of the Nation.
National Symbols Of India
National Flower - Lotus

National fruit- Mango
National Bird- Peacock
National Animal- Royal Bengal Tiger
National Game- Hockey

National River- The Holy Ganga
National Flag- The Indian Tricolour
National Currency Symbol
National Aquatic Animal -Dolphin
1. National Flower- Lotus
2. National Animal- Royal
Bengal Tiger
3. National Fruit- Mango
4.National Game- Hockey
5. National Bird- Peacock
6. National flag- Indian Tricolour
7. National River- Holy Ganga
8. National Currency - Indian
9. National Aquatic Animal- Dolphin
India is rich in Bio Diversity. India has more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries out of which Kaziranga National Park is the spotlight because of One Horned Rhino. India is also known for its largest tea production in Assam. National Animal of India is the Royal Bengal Tiger which is found in the Sunderban Forest Reserve.
Ganesh Chaturthi
In the beginning of the
Festival season Ganesh
Chaturthi is celebrated.

Holi is the festival of color
which is celebrated in the
month of March
The Festival of light celebrated for returning of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile
Durga Puja
It is celebrated for six
days. Offering prayers
to the Goddess Durga,the
of evil spirits.
Taj Mahal
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