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Alternative Energy

Mr. Reutzel Period 5

Niamh Veloso

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Alternative Energy

What is Biofuel?
Bio fuel is made by turning unwanted plants into energy
Alternative Energy
The pros and cons to using an energy source other than fossil fuels
By fermenting sugar juices, we can turn them into alcohol. Alcohol is an example of a biofuel.
Benefits of a biofuel
Biofuels are totally renewable. They're relatively inexpensive compared to most alternative energy resources, and there's much less pollution as well!
Disadvantages of a biofuel
Energy in a biofuel is a lot less than fossil fuels, and they can be used up really quickly if we aren't careful.
This is a biofuel life cycle.
Where does biofuel come from?
Biofuels come from something that was once living. Trees and plants are one example of where biofuel can come from. Bioethanol is an alcohol made from fermentation. It's pure form can be used as fuel for cars, but most of the time some gasoline is added into the mix so the car can function better. Biodiesel is made from vegetable oil and animal fats, and can also be used as fuel for vehicles when some gasoline is added into it.
What is nuclear energy?
Nuclear energy is released when an atom's nucleus is split in half, or when two atoms are fused together.
Where does nuclear energy come from?
Most nuclear energy comes from a special element called Uranium. The Uranium is placed into a rod, which is placed into water. The Uranium's nucleus is split in half (the procedure is called a fission), making the uranium very, very hot. The water is then heated by the uranium, and turns to steam. The steam pushes electric turbines, which make electricity.
by Niamh Veloso
Benefits of nuclear energy
Nuclear Energy produces tons of energy, a lot more than fossil fuels do. It produces no pollution, and the supply is virtually unlimited.
Disadvantages of nuclear energy
Nuclear energy does make waste. The waste it leaves behind is very radioactive, and will cause harm to every living thing if there is no protection. It is also very expensive. To build an run a reactor to contain is costs a lot of money.
The process of making nuclear energy
Nuclear Energy
What is geothermal energy?
Geothermal energy is the natural heat of the Earth, which makes groundwater heat up. The groundwater then turns into steam, and erupts through crack in the Earth and out into the land creating a geyser.
Where does geothermal energy come from?
Geothermal energy comes from groundwater that is heated by magma under it. The magma will heat the groundwater up to a point where it escapes (in gaseous from) to form a geyser. If you were to put a turbine over it, the steam would push the turbine and generate electricity.
Benefits of geothermal energy
Geothermal energy is unlimited, and it creates no pollution at all.
Disadvantages of geothermal energy
Though it is unlimited and causes no pollution, geothermal energy activity isn't a normal occurence! There are only a few spots in the US where geysers are located, and most of the geyers (though very few) are overseas.
The process of harnessing geothermal energy
Geothermal Energy
What is wind energy?
Wind energy is the process of using windmills and wind turbines to generate electricity.
Where does wind energy come from?
The energy that comes from wind is indirectly caused by the sun. Wind is actually just a simpler name for convection currents, where hot air rises and cold air sinks in a circle.
Benefits of wind energy
Wind energy does have it's benefits. It's pretty much renewable and causes absolutely no pollution at all.
Disadvantages of wind energy
Wind energy has pros, and cons. The cons of wind energy is that the wind in some areas aren't strong or frequent to generate a lot of electricity as needed.
Example of a geyser
This is a picture of another generator using geothermal energy
A picture of a biofuel processing plant
How biofuel is made
A nuclear Plant
How nuclear energy is made
How a wind turbine functions
The inner workings of a wind turbine
Actual wind turbines
WInd Energy
What is solar energy?
Solar energy is the energy received from the sun in the form of radiation
Where does solar energy come from?
ALl solar energy comes from the sun. The sun is the source of all energy. Wind energy, fossil fuels, and things like that all get their energy from the sun.
Benefits of solar energy
There's no pollution at all! Zip! Nadda! Nothing! And since it's from the sun, it's renewable!
Disadvantages of solar energy
Some climates don't have enough sunny days to make use of the solar energy, and solar cells and solar collectors are really expensive!
These are solar panels
THis is how a solar panel works
This is how a solar panel would work in your home
Solar energy
What is hydroelectric energy?
Hydroelectric energy is energy produced by moving water pushing a crank, such as a waterfall or a fast moving river pushing a large wheel.
Where does hydroelectric energy come from?
Benefits of hydroelectric energy
After dams and hydroelectric power plants are built, the rest of the process is pretty much inexpensive. It causes no air pollution, and very little other pollution. Hydroelectric energy is powered by the water cycle, which is powered by solar energy.
Disadvantages of hydroelectric energy
Just like wind energy, hydroelectric energy isn't found everywhere. IT can only be made where large quantities of moving water are located. Building a dam can be very financially stressing, and it can also disrupt the wildlife. Water upstream can flood and destroy habitats, fish cannot migrate, and if a dam collapses, it can cause major floods.
A hydroelectric turbine
An example of a dam
An old-fashioned hydroelectric wheel`
Hydroelectric Energy
What are fuel cells?
fuel cells come from converting chemical energy into electrical energy. This happens when hydrogen and oxygen react to form water.
Where do fuel cells come from?
fuel cells come from the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to form water.
Benefits of fuel cells
Fuel cells do not create any pollution. The only byproduct is water.
How does biofuel turn into electricity?
How is nuclear energy made into electricity?
Nuclear energy is made into electricity when the uranium gets hotter and hotter. The steam from the now heated water pushes a turbine which turns and turns to create electricity.
How is geothermal energy made into electricity?
Geothermal is made into electricity when the heated groundwater turns into steam and rises up from the earth from beneath the surface and starts to push a turbine, creating electricity.
How is wind energy made into electricity?
Wind pushes past a wind turbine, causing it to spin and spin, cranking it naturally to make electricity.
How is solar energy made into electricity?
Sunlight can be changed into electricity using the solar panels. Buildings can be heated up by these panels which also generate electricity to keep it running.
How is hydroelectric energy turned into electricity?
Moving water will pass a wheel, and if it is strong enough, the wheel will start to spin and crank a generator, which will produce the electricity needed.
How do fuel cells get turned into electricity?
Fuel cells get turned into electricity when oxygen and hydrogen react to each other, and change from chemical energy to electrical energy.
Biofuel turns into electricity when it is burned.
Disadvantages of fuel cells
There is very little wrong with fuel cells, aside from maybe a couple problems with mass production and such.
Fuel Cells
Song: "Dango Daikazoku" Piano Ver from the anime "Clannad"
A fuel cell generator
A closer look at a fuel cell generator
How fuel cells are processed
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