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Informed referrals

No description

Katharine Widdows

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Informed referrals

Referrals from front of house If specialist staff are available If specialist staff are not available evenings and weekends
Training / meetings / conferences leave and sickness immediate referral in-person core hours only Customer Member of staff Should I refer? I know the correct answer
I can find the correct answer I don't know the
correct answer
I'm not sure what the customer needs Satisfy the enquiry and
record the statistic If required check the Referrals Database or contact Library Advisor on call for assistance Make the referral and
record the statistic How do we know what we
can look up? Where to look? What is the "correct" answer? Keeping up to date on changes Updates on internal systems Familiarity with intranet tools How do you know what you don't know? Reference interview techniques? People who can't articulate what they need Recognising keywords to give clues about the nature of an enquiry Familiarity with a very broad range of services Being able to say "I don't know" Library Advisor availability Access to a phone Access to the intranet Should I take the student in person? Should the specialist come to the student? Statistical recording statistical recording It could be anyone Need consistant approach Training across the service student expectations You want to make a referral it is during office hours but
the specialist is not available It is out of hours Phone the Library Advisor on call No Advisor available to take the call Complete the online / paper form & record the statistic Hand over to the Advisor and record the statistic Do we know when they will be? Is there someone else available? Managing student expectations I've already had to make a call to find this out Are there times certain people are never available? I've already made a call I've got a queue building up Enquiry Support staffing Proactive approach Responsibility is on the library Timescale for reponse? Offer interim alternative?
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