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The Book Thief


Cassandra Bauknecht

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of The Book Thief

Interdisciplinary Unit
C. Bauknecht
D. Hill
A. Johnsen
A. Przybylski
P. Sullivan

Rationale for Book Theif
Unique Perspective
Range of Themes
Diversity of Characters
Why BT?
Incorporates multiple literary
Relates to students' own struggles
in adolescence
Challenging yet achievable
Opportunities for creativity
Solving linear systems of equations through code-breaking
Review of slope, distance formula, midpoint using map of Germany
Data and graphs on finances & deaths of WWII in Germany
Social life in Nazi Germany
Bombing of Civilians
Location relative to Dachau
Unique Perspective
Application of real life situations
Explains the power external stimuli have on the body's internal systems
Understand the biological effects of stress & trauma
Class Status
BT Summary
Sophomore class
Body Systems
Algebraic Equations
Persuasive Writing
Narrated by Death
Growth of main character, Liesel, in Nazi Germany
Learns power of her words
Lesson Plan Calendar
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Day 1
History : 1938 - 1944
Day 2
Science : Eugenics
Day 3
Math : Code Breaking
Day 4
Science : Stress
Day 8
Day 5
Science : Depression
Day 6
English : Cause and Effects
English : Power of Words
Day 7
Day 9
Math and History : The End of the War
History : Holocaust
Day 10
Math : March Coordinates
Day 11
Day 12
English : Concentration Camps
History : A Visit to Dachau & Auschwitz
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