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Hipster Prezi

No description

Lora Overton

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Hipster Prezi

History of a Hipster 1940's and Jazz
American Revolutionists
After WWII
Hipsters today HIPSTER vs.
Not Hipster? Hipster
Life Hipster Music How to dress like a hipster: Indie Music "Do It Yourself" Mainstream Success: 2000s-present “I liked them before they were cool." Avoid all things "mainstream"
Get a tee that fits well
Denim everything (except jean skirts)
Ladies: dresses
Accessorize "I donated to Haiti... before the disaster." Lingo and Attitude What is a hipster? Namedrop often:
- must be ahead of the curve
- "you liked them before they were cool" Always seem educated:
-even when you have no idea
- use big, obscure words
- awareness (global issues) Dry humor:
- sarcasm and irony Interests What is the outlook on hipsters from an outsider and how do you perceive them? What is a hipster? What comes to mind when you think of hipsters? Who are they? Common Conceptions What types of clothing items
do you see on someone and automatically think "hipster"? annoying, nonconformists, super artsy, dgaf, alternative, always going against the social norms "... formulate theories and conclusions only after thorough and rigorous collection and examination of hard evidence" - Boas Politics: are everything- liberal, open-minded (dreamers)
Entertainment: movies- foreign documentaries, indie; music- independent, underground; books- philosophical
Hangouts: local bookstores, coffee shops, and places you went to as a child (zoo, aquarium, planetarium)
Food: Organic, gluten free, alternatives to
milk (soy, almond), all locally grown
Tech Savvy: Newest technology, Social Media, Blogs
Art: Photography (lomography), Graphic Design, Film Boa's Perspective: BOAS CULTURE language hip·ster /hipstər/ A person who follows
the latest trends
and fashions. Avoid labels and being labeled


Hate mainstream or being trendy

Not impressed with American culture

Liberal or independent political views Know who you are:
- have an individual stance NEVER call yourself a hipster 1960s - Folk Rock/British Invasion
1970s - Garage Rock/Punk Rock
1980s - Grunge
1990s - Indie Rock Make it seem like you don't care Development of the MP3 What is Hipster Music? Indie Rock
Neo Folk
Trip Hop
Alternative Hip Hop
Electronic Rock
Art Rock
Foreign Soft Rock Festivals Goffman's Presentation of Self everywhere is a stage Performing?
Stage Popular Indie Music Today Vampire Weekend
Death Cab for Cutie
LCD Soundsystem
Foster the People
Empire of the Sun
Of Monsters and Men
Florence and the Machine
Passion Pit
The Black Keys
Lana Del Ray
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