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Fairy Tales: The Untold Truth

No description

Sophie Pham

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Fairy Tales: The Untold Truth

Fairy Tales: The Untold Truth
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
By: America Santos, Alex Roman, Peter Ngo, and Sophie Pham
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
The Fisherman's Wife
Little Red Riding Hood
The Frog Prince
Hansel and Gretel
Little Snow White
The Ugly Duckling
mother dies, so father remarries
acquired cruel stepsisters and stepmother
forced to work as a maid
announcement of ball, not allowed to go
prayed to wishing tree (3x)
went to ball(3x), lost a slipper on the last one
prince looks for her
sisters and mother tries to trick him
cinderella exposed
bloody wedding
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre goes through situations similar to Cinderella
Both has allusions to Cinderella
Cinderella Complex
Cinderella Effect
rat epidemic
Pied Piper comes to help
got rid of rats

asked for his payment but was refused
lured children away

Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie
Shrek Forever After
WWII Operation Pied Piper
Charles Howard Schmid, Jr., the Pied Piper of Tucson
Lilo and Stitch
seasons passed and he was able to fly to that bevy of
was accepted by th
em a
nd seen as the most beautiful of
Strictly Ballroom
"I always look upon our Janet as the ugly duckling of the family!"
A pair of parents can no longer afford to feed their children therefore they agree upon abandoning them in the woods where they are later lured into the home of an evil witch wants to mince the children in order to eat them. Both, Hansel & Gretel manage to kill the witch & escape along with her fortune in jewels.
-The repercussions of a disadvantaged population under the oppression of a tyrant
-(Haves & Have nots)-Social Class distinctions
A Modest Proposal
by Jonathan Swift
: Little red riding hood is on her way to visit her sick grandmother when she is detained by a wolf-werewolf-goat that manipulates the young girl into telling him her destination. The wolf then schemes on eating her grandmother & then patiently waiting until the girl arrives so he can eat her as well. There are several versions of the conclusion therefore they differ from on another.
Superiority of male masculinity
Preservation/loss of innocence of a child
The Tunnel
- Anthony Browne
This allusion may be noticeable in Browne's novel when taking in consideration the emphasis of the superiority of the male masculinity.
Mr. Miller brags to the king that his daughter can spin straw into gold
King took daughter and locked her up in a room full of hay.
She can only leave once she turns them to gold
She cries and dwarf shows up. Says he'll do it for her if she gives him something in return. (2x)
On the third night, the King says if she produces gold, he'll marry her.
Dwarf comes and says he'll do it if she gives him her first-born child. King marries the girl.
The dwarf feels pity for the girl & proposes to return her child if she learns his name in three days time.
In conclusion, the girl finds our the dwarf's name & he commits an unusual suicide.
Society's crime against the sanctity of marriage & avarice
Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen may be alluded to the Grimm's tale by noticing the manner in which Mr. Darcy (Upper-class) restrains himself from dancing with Elizabeth (Lower-class), simply because he believes that she isn't worthy of soliciting with his social class. Just as the prince tests Mr. Miller's daughter by having her turn straw into gold, Mr. Darcy wants her to prove that she is top-shelf item of worth.
e m
other duck watched
eggs hatch. The last egg was


The last duckl
ugly and so was
alienated and bullied
for that
He left and
disliked every

because he didn't fit in. Escaped to the wild
Saw a wedge of swans in flight
Aladdin's father dies and is left poor with his mother
Stranger comes and says he's a far away uncle
He sees them struggling financially and offers Aladdin a job
Takes him to outskirts of town to a secret cave
Uncle promises good fortune if Aladdin brings out a magic lamp
Uncle is not uncle. Traps Aladdin
He rubs lamp and makes many many wishes
Magic engrossed him and soon he fights battles with people and becomes content with not making any more wishes
He marries his princess
Rich man with ugly blue beard gets married for 6th or 7th time
One day he leaves on business trip and gives the keys to all the closets to his wife
Forbids only one door
While he is away wife opens it and discovers bloody dead women's bodies
When blue beard arrives home he asks for keys and discovers one has blood on it
She knew he was in trouble and angrily he told he she has to die
Wife secretly calls brothers and they come to rescue her
Blue beard dies and she keeps his estate and remarries
Two brothers, one rich and other poor
Ali Baba discovers cave full of riches
Kasim finds out about the cave, and tries to increase his riches
He is killed in the cave by the forty thieves
Dickens alluded to Ali Baba in
A Christmas Carol
, as he was referenced to during one of the ghosts.
Dickens also alluded to Morianna in Hard Times, where a character named M’Choakumchild is in a similar situation to Morianna.

- A princess looses a golden bell in a pond
- The frog promises to retrieve the bell if she agrees to love him
- She agrees, thinking the frog is joking
- The frog gets the bell, but she freaks out and goes home
- The frog comes to the castle, and the king makes the princess keep her
- In bed, the frog becomes a prince
The Queen is a stuck up lady, who wants to be the fairest
She asks the mirror who the fairest in the land is, and it's revealed that
Snow White is
She hires a huntsman to kill her, but the huntsman tells Snow White to
run away.
Snow White discovers the dwarves, who let her stay in the house if she
takes care of it
The queen discovers Snow White is alive, and tries to kill her 3 times
3rd attempt was successful
A prince comes, and is able to revive Snow White
They get married, and the queen sees the new couple
The queen wears red hot iron shoes, and dances to her death
Kasim's body is discovered by Ali Baba, and he brings it back to the family
The thieves find out and seek out the body
Morianna finds out about the thieves, and stops them, but some got away
The thieves try again, but end up all dead
The family uses the cave to establish themselves
The Poison Apples
by Lily Archer is a direct reference to Snow White
Fisherman and wife lived in a poor cottage
Fisherman caught an enchanted prince flounder
The wife made a wish and became greedier and greedier
Fisherman and fish were greatly saddened, ocean changed color
king, emperor, pope
Wished to be like god and that crossed the line
lives went back to normal

oppression of the U.S & the NSA upon Ms. Merkel's cellular phone
Satirizing the killing of Treyvon Martin
ESPN is comparing the Lakers to the frog, because they need to turn into a prince to succeed.
Snow White and the 7 Deadly Sins
is alluding to the dwarves, comparing them to these sins. The poison apple is also mentinoed. The poem was written by R.S.Gwynn
"Kiss 15 Frogs to Find Your Prince"
50 shades of grey
allusion of her lover to blue beard
curiosity kills
"Then the frightened man went. He felt sick all over and his knees and legs were shaking" (Grimm1)
"But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation into snare into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction"(Timothy 6:9)
alludes to magic from other fairy tales that fix characters problems
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