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Science Fair

No description

Sarah Cedeno

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Science Fair

Sarah Cedeno Denaturing Proteins Introduction Background Info.
(independent) Background Info.
(dependent) Materials Hypothesis Procedures Do all proteins denature at the same temperature? Testing proteins such as: albumen, casein, and keratin Albumen: eggs; Casein: milk; Keratin: hair Denaturing is the process when a protein losses their function or structure when atacked like a force like heat or alcohal Force Used: Heat The independent variable in my experiment was the proteins that I used. The egg, milk, and hair were all manipulated in my experiment. I tested them with the heat and denatured them. By denaturing them I killed their function and changed their structure. The proteins that were used all responded to the denaturing process. The dependent variable in my experiment was the end result when I denatured my proteins. When I used heat to denature my proteins they differed with the proteins. For example, when the egg denatured it turned from a liquid to a solid. The milk turned from a liquid to a foam-like substance. The hair from stands of hair to a somewhat liquid substance. If I test whether all proteins will denature at the same temperature, then I predict that they will not denature at the same time. Since foods are different and unique I believe they will take different rates to denature. 1. 6 eggs (any size)
2. Powdered Milk
3. Hair from a hairbrush
4. 2 mixing bowls
5. Saucepan (small)
6. Toaster oven (or conventional oven)
7. Cookie sheet
8. Aluminum foil
9. Candy thermometer
10. Stove top 1. Crack the egg over the first bowl and split up the yolk and white in the two mixing bowls (Make sure the yolk does not taint the whites).
2. Put the egg white in the small saucepan and place the candy thermometer.
3. Carefully heat the whites. When noticing a texture change in the egg whites, record the temperature.
4. Turn the stove off. In addition, clean off the sauce pan, thermometer, and bowls
5. Make two cups of powdered milk according o the package instructions.
6. Add the milk to the saucepan and place the candy thermometer
7. Carefully heat the milk. When noticing a texture change in the milk, record the temperature.
8. Cover the cookie sheet with the aluminum foil.
9. Preheat the oven for ten minutes to 200 degrees.
10. Grab all the hair out of the hairbrush and place it on the cookie sheet.
11. Place the cookie sheet in the oven and let it heat up for 15 minutes.
12. Check the hair for any changes.
13. Increase the temperature by 25 degrees
14. After 15 minutes, check the hair again.
15. Keep increasing the temperature in 25-degree increments.
16. Note when the hair texture changes. Data Pictures before after Discussion Have you ever wondered why we might cook many kinds of food before we eat them? Well cooking food denatures the proteins found in food and makes digestion more efficient. My experiment applies to real world situations because some food needs to be denatured before it can be consumed. People need to know what temperature to heat the proper foods for it to be denatured properly. For example, any type of meat has to be heated at a specific temperature to cook. If its not cooked properly, food borne illnesses could be caused.
Some suggestions that I would advise someone doing this project is to make sure every item is equal. For example, if I were testing a quart of cranberry juice and sugar. I would need 4 cups of sugar to make it even/equal. In addition, I would use a different type of keratin to test the denaturing process. In the end, I felt like it was very difficult to test the hair because it took much longer to denature than the rest of the proteins. Moreover, I would do the different trials and vary the amounts making the amount of the protein either more or less every trial. Varying the amount you use of the protein in the trials will give you a better understanding of the results and will give you a more accurate information.
If you wish to take this experiment a step further, I would try by using proteins more complex or I would use a force more powerful to denature the proteins Works Cited ‚ thank you
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