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No description

Aaliyah El-Amin

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of CC

CS/LS Support & Management
Chicago Institute 2010
establish a shared understanding of how we will work together to coach, support, and manage Curriculum Specialists, Literacy Specialists toward their Visions of Excellence
What Do We Want To See?
What’s In Place To Help Us Get There?
Where Do We Go From Here? School Directors and CC will Vision: What do we want to see? If CC's and SD's effectively work together to effectively manage and support CS's and LS's
What will we hear and see from CS's and LS's?
What will hear and see from CM's?
What will we hear and see from students? Chicago Instructional Leadership Team Vision
The 2010 Chicago Institute Curriculum Specialist team is a critically thinking, self-reflective, collaborative
group of instructional leaders who take ownership for:
the success of our corps members’ students
the progress of our corps members
our own development
Finally, we are continually grounded in what inspired us to work at the summer institute in the first place—student achievement—and we use that inspiration to drive our work, to maintain our sense of balance, to focus our energy, and to inform all of our interactions with both corps members and staff. Reality: What's in place to help us get there? Thinking Critically about LS's Feeling overwhelmed/conflicted by demands from multiple teams

Feeling like they have two managers

Feeling like they have no manager

Feeling like the children of "arguing" parents
Thinking Critically about LS's Pro-actively preparing LS's to be members of multiple teams
- Time management
- Managing "up"
Communicating often with other SD's about your LS
Ccing you on LS Schedules if desired
What have you done with your LS lately?

Triangulating Data With MaryAnn and Aaliyah PRACTICE!!!! ccordchicago@gmail.com
One off e-mails are fine
Expect one full day for response
If urgent call cellphones
If you are unsure, just ask(no ask three before me)
Our role is to prepare, train and support CS's &LS's(manage)
You know the daily context of your school
You will know what your CS looks like and sounds like facilitating sessions every day
Your CC will spend alot of time working through contentand preperation with your CS
Your CC will have added data given CS & LS metings and observations Ways to Partner
Joint Support Calls
Joint Observations
Problem solving next steps for CS's/LS's
Setting up buddies for collaboration
And lots lots more
LEAN ON ME... Communicating with MaryAnn & Aaliyah Let's Go Chicago! Agenda SD CC Achievement Gap

In week two, your CS who was having a hard time during Week One, seems to have hit thier stride. Sessions are always focused on the bottom line and the content is clearly articulated to CM's. CM's are enthusiastic and engaged and often referring to what they learned in sessions in CMA sessions. You can see the session material playing out in lesson plans and in classrooms. You also notice that your CS seems to have a really great way of preparing for sessions that may be contributing to thier success. What are your next steps? Do you consult CC? If so, how might the CC partner with you?

CSs & LSs will have:
Two weekly meetings for collaborative session preparation, rehearsal, and professional development
Optional session preparation office hours (Sun.)

CSs will have:
Optional DCA preparation support (Thurs. after school-team meetings)
Individual post-observation check-ins (1 every 4-7 “facilitation days”)

LSs will have:
Individual post-observation check-ins (1 per week)
Individual formal check-ins (1 per week) During Institute Support CC Partnering Pre-Institute
Post-conference surveys to solicit:
Areas of concern

Post-ASC & Half Staff update on Specialist progress and performance(content, facilitation,
professionalism, next steps)

As-needed 3-way calls to provide differentiated support

Weekly “Specialist Updates” in LT Weekly Blast (starting 5/2)

Copies of Strategic Plans (mid-June)

At Institute
Sunday email with weekly observation schedule and personalized requests as well as things to consider
Soft copies of all observation notes and next-steps from post-observation debrief
As-needed check-ins to discuss concerns and next steps You have observed several key CS sessions during Week One and you notice that your CS is not fully covering the content as it is written in the FS. She is leavng out parts of the sessions and at some times the content is incorrect. Corps members appear to be engaged and you overhear two CM's telling thier CMA's that they think sessions are really helpful. What are your next steps? Do you consult the CC? If so, how might the CC partner with you? You are in the Diversity session at the All-Staff conference and are posing questions to your team from the facilitators guide. You are noticing that your CS seems distracted and when you push further, you realize that they have not done their prep work and are not really clear on the purpose of the Diversity Curriculum in preparing corps members. Several times you have to re-direct or re-frame your CS's comments to be more accurate. At the end of the session, your CS says “I think it is going to be really easy to facilitate these? What are your next steps? Do you consult the CC? If so, how might the CC partner with you? On the last two conference calls between Half-Staff and Institute you have noticed a trend with your CS as he is explaining content to the team. He often says " What TFA wants me to do is?" or "So, what they are saying here is?" What are your next steps? Do you consult the CC? If so, how might the CC partner with you? At ASC:
CSs & LSs will:
Learn to take a session “From Paper to Presentation” (see handout)
Work toward internalizing the content of PLAN 2a & PLAN 2b (sessions on daily vision-setting
Work toward internalizing the content of DCA 1
Receive a link to all the FS's(Week 1-5), podcasts and powerpoints!!!

Between ASC & HSC:
CSs & LSs will:
Use an ISAT objective to write a vision for a strong daily lesson
Participate in one 90-minute conference call(MGMT *ALL NEW)
05/02/10 CS/LS Call #1 5:30-7:00 p.m. EST

CSs will:
Work toward internalizing the content of new Week 1 MGMT sessions
CC-modeled facilitation

LSs will:
Participate in one 90 minute conference call
Content-based discussions around Plan 2a and Plan 2b and connection to LIT
CC-modeled facilitation
Have an individual check-in with CC to discuss professional development
goals and integrating into school teams

CSs & LSs will:
Participate in 2 additional 90-minute conference calls and 1 individual check-in
1. 5/25/10, Tuesday 7:30-9:00 p.m. EST
2. 6/1/10, Tuesday 7:30-9:00 p.m. EST
Develop a VoE-based Strategic Plan/Culture Plan with concrete strategies to implement at institute
Use an ISAT objective to write a full lesson plan
Discuss assessing CM Learning, Elements of Effective Execution, Room Set-Up & Adult Management, Effectively Using Videos, Coaching CMs Through the Planning Process

CSs will:
Engage in content-based discussions of MGMT, and INV sessions
Preview Week Two sessions, with a focus on new EXEC sessions

LSs will:
Participate in 2 90 minute call by grade level(elementary & secondary)
5/24/10 Monday LS Call #2 6:00-7:30
6/7/10 Monday LS Secondary Call 6:00-7:30ET
6/8/10 Tuesday LS Elmentary Call 6:00-7:30 ET
Rehearse portions of 1st 3 LIT sessions
Preview all differentiated LIT sessions
Engage in Conversations specific to LS team
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