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Eastern Woodlands

No description

Jennifer Smith

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Eastern Woodlands

Québec 8.14% protected
Target: 12% by 2015 Plan Nord: exclude industrial development in 50% by 2015 Systematic approach to identifying representative areas
Coarse filter
Fine filter Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Colin Stewart Forest Forum New Brunswick Ontario Far North Planning Initiative
Ongoing land use planning
50% target in Far North Act Manitoba Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Project Saskatchewan 7.74% protected
12% target Alberta 12.42% protected Land-use Framework
Strategies to improve land use decision making
Pursuing 2 of 7 regional plans Lower Athabasca South Saskatchewan British Columbia 14.68% protected Yukon 11.86% protected Protected Areas Strategy
Representative areas within 23 ecoregions
Suspended in 2003 Integrated land use planning
Additional 5.6 million ha
Increase protection to 23% Peel River Watershed North Yukon Northwest Territories 8.97% protected Protected Areas Strategy
Special natural and cultural areas
Core representative areas within 42 ecoregions 8% protected Mealy Mountains Protected Areas Strategy Representation Three-component framework Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Large-landscape habitats for wide-ranging species All of an ecoregion's enduring features Rare species
Unusual biological richness
Rare natural phenomena Natural Areas System Plan Long-standing goal since 1992
Interdepartmental conflict
March 2011? Sable Island Protected Areas Planning in the Eastern Woodlands Jennifer Smith, M.Sc.
National Protected Areas Intern 8.7% protected
Target: 12% by 2015 Protected Areas Planning Represention Outstanding natural sites and features
Wilderness recreation potential ENGOs
Ecology Action Centre
Nova Scotia Nature Trust
NCC Forestry Companies
Bowater Mersey
JD Irving Ltd.
Northern Pulp
NewPage Port Hawkesbury Tier 1 + Tier 2 > 12% Protected areas plan
CSFF key piece to achieve 12% target
Preliminary draft by 2010/11 New Brunswick 3% protected Long-term management approach for Crown Forests
Focus: boosting forestry
6-8% by 2012 Protected Areas Strategy
Representation of enduring features Intact landscapes
Significant ecological features New approach to identifying sites in development 9.89% protected Lands for Life Ontario's Living Legacy
Sites selected based on ecological representation and enduring natural features
Commitment to 12% protection
Only a few sites remaining 8.84% protected
12% goal Protected Areas Initiative Wabanong Nakayum Okimawin
East Side of Lake Winnipeg Enduring feature analysis Ongoing land use planning 20% protection New protected areas
Representative ecosystems
Special features Approved In review Dawson To begin Land use planning
Dehcho Additional 16.8 million ha
Increase protection to 21% Parks Canada Agency
To protect a representative sample of each of Canada's 39 terrestrial landscapes
10 National Park Natural Regions remain to be represented National Parks System Plan Canadian Wildlife Service
National Wildlife Areas
Significant habitat for migratory birds
Wildlife or ecosystems at risk
Rare or unusual wildlife habitat or biogeographic region Environment Canada 9.89 % protected Representative Areas Network
Enduring natural features Integrative land use planning Land and Resource Management Plans
Regional land use plans Sustainable Resource Management Plans
Landscape-level land use plans Land use planning
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