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Trey Spanier

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Bauhaus

Bauhaus is a school in Germany that combined crafts and fine arts.
Bauhaus style of building came to be one of the most influential currents of modern building.
The Bauhaus building style has been around since 1927 and is still very popular in many countries today.
A example of a modern Bauhaus style apartment building.
The Bauhaus school.
The Bauhaus style includes a box like shape or even a more rounded look with plenty of windows and odd additions.
A more rounded Bauhaus Style.
The school opened in 1919 but did not introduce architecture until 1927.
A Laubenganghauser Style
One of the most popular styles of Bauhaus building is "Laubenganghauser" which translated to English means "apartments with balcony access.
A very old Bauhaus building.
Built in the 1930s.
A full view of the school.
A very modern take on Bauhaus.
The school existed in three different locations with three different architect directors
-Walter Gropius-1919 to 1928
-Hannes Mayer-1928 to 1930
-Ludwig Mies van der Rohe-1930 to 1933
-The school was closed by its own leadership in 1933 while under pressure from the Nazi regime.

-May it might not look like it, but the school is still the original and has only had additions to the building over the years.

-The Bauhaus school did not just do structures, but also included interiors to match the style of the building.
Tel Aviv, one of the most famous Bauhaus style homes which was built in the 1930's.
The United Nations Building in New York.
Dalnoki-Kovats Villa, Budapest.
Built in 1932.
Josephine M. Hagerty House, Cohasset, Massachusetts. Built in 1932.
Bauhaus buildings favor flat roof designs to make the building apear very new and modern.
Notable People.
Notable Buildings
A box style house.
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