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My job is OGX! (12/13 H1)

AIESEC OGX understanding

Gabriella Balás

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of My job is OGX! (12/13 H1)

OGX! Übermegaultra OGX understanding prezi by Krisztián Nagy My job is... WHY? HOW? WHAT? peace and fulfillment
of humankind's potential vision experiential
development develop the LEADERS of the future SKILLS ATTITUDE NETWORK presentation communication observation initiator self-confidence team management organizing open minded responsible globally thinking companies foreigners entrepreneurs global
programme global
programme My job is... OGX! übermegaultra OGX understanding prezi by Krisztián Nagy 2012 why are the exchange programmes
the best way to develop LEADERSHIP? intern host environment company AIESEC sending environment why is it good for... ? ? ? personal development
self confidence
international network
work experience
cultural experience
travelling, discovery
professional development
team experience
AIESEC support
... international mindset
motivated trainee
different approach
knowledge about a foreign market/environment
trainee salary, better tax rates
branding, PR
AIESEC pre-selection
AIESEC support
... my job is... to change lives to create a better world! sounds tough, huh? well, it is. realize match raise the process: matching the EP and the EP manager gathers suitable opportunities from various sources
matching manias
matching tools MT IT TT LS management information
technology technical life sciences ET education experience a foreign culture
show their own culture
external point of view
see the trivial good things
practice language
destroy prejudices
... get new perspectives
promote own culture
increase workforce mobility
increase workforce quality
international relations
... contribution to vision:
close the gap between cultures
positive economic effect

benefits to OGX members:
HR experience
global job market overview
international connections selection preparation application form
personal contact
programming test
documents tools selection factors personality
skills, experience
must have
EP fee, travel cost OP Day
feedback for selection
follow up of legal preparation the EP manager...
follows up and documents the EP's applications
keeps the motivation
ensures the flexibility of the EP
shares the needed info
keeps the leader up to date
asks for help if needed still matching REALIZE! the EP manager...
is very happy
helps in final preparation
sets expectations
collects information
keeps the contact
asks for promo materials
asks for feedback is there life after exchange? yes! reintegration...
one more exchange?
EwA opportunities
start AIESEC career?
head for the job market? our legacy... 89 to countries! people 37 our team... our promise... 70! updated by Gabi The
Brothers Coordinator GITP TT SYC Krisztián VP TT VP MV Laci Gabi Petronella Endre Ildó promo OGX promo, EP promo, EP recruitment... "push" type
segment student market
target groups based on TN supply and trends
full scale promotion:
info desks
classroom presentations
online channels
printed channels
dorm raids
events lot of resources
marketing experience
high reach among students ->
currently irrelevant applicants go to pipeline
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