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Brave New World Ch. 15

No description

Doreen T

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World Ch. 15

Chapter 15 BRAVE NEW WORLD Summary Quote Quote Connections Quote Questions " 'Lend me your ears …' He had never spoken in public before, and found it very difficult to express what he wanted to say. 'Don't take that horrible stuff. It's poison, its poison' " (192). “How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world …"(184). "Two minutes later the Voice and the soma vapour had produced their effect. In tears, the Deltas were kissing and hugging one another–half a dozen twins at a time in a comprehensive embrace. Even Helmholtz and the Savage were almost crying" (189). If soma existed in our world today,
would you ever take any if there weren't
any consequences? Why or why not? Iman, Navpreet, Christin & Doreen Introduction - In the Park Lane Hospital, John witnesses two Bokanovsky Groups of Deltas lining up for their daily soma ration.

- He's once again disgusted at the sight of the identical twins. Rising Action - - John the Savage tries to get the attention of the Deltas, but they all ignore him.

- He then cries out that soma is "Poison to soul as well as body" (185). Fueled with rage, John continues his speech against soma.

-Meanwhile, Bernard and Helmholtz receive a phone call from the hospital claiming that the Savage has gone mad. Climax - - John is both frustrated and angry that the Deltas don't understand what he's trying to say.

- In full rage, he starts throwing the boxes of soma out the window.

-Bernard and Helmholtz enter the scene, and immediately Helmholtz steps in to help John while Bernard remains hesitant.

- A riot ensues between the workers of the hospital and John and his friends. Falling Action - The policemen quickly enter the hospital to stop the riot.

-They spray soma vapour into the air and a voice of a reason asks, "Why aren't you all happy and good?" (189).

- The soma vapour produces their effect almost instantly and the Deltas begin to kiss, cry and hug one another.

- A fresh supply of soma pills were brought in and handed out. Conclusion - John and Helmholtz are quietly arrested by the police.

- Bernard tries sneak out, but gets caught and is also arrested. - In this quote John has recently discovered that his mother died from a soma overdose and is now seeing 162 Delta’s eagerly receive their soma rations.

- John pushes himself to the table where the soma is being distributed and tells the crowd; "Don't take that horrible stuff. It's poison, its poison."(192).

- John’s pain over the death of Linda is still fresh and seeing the Deltas happily receive the same ‘poison’ hurts John so much he feels he needs to stop the distribution.

- As an outsider who has not undergone conditioning, John sees soma as an evil poison that stops people from experiencing pain, death and natural life experiences. - John’s mother used soma to mask the pain of coming back to the World state and being rejected by the Directioner. John would rather experience real human experiences then go through life feeling fake emotions and ultimately being controlled by the World State. - John’s words are ironic because he’s stated that quote from Shakespeare in chapter five to describe his astonishment for the World State that he once thought was a utopia.

-Now those words mean something else, he’s being sarcastic. The World State is no longer the ideal and perfect world he once thought it was.

- The Bokanovsky Groups, soma, Lenina and the death his mother all contributed to how John viewed the World State. Slowly the flaws of that society unraveled itself and John knew that there was something very wrong with the way the "civilization" lived.

- John finally reaches his breaking point, he realises that he's had enough of the World State, thus he decides to throw the soma out the window. - When a riot starts, the government quickly brings reinforcements in to stop it. They spray soma vapour into the air to gain control of the situation once again.

- This shows how the government uses soma to gain absolute control of their citizens. The soma gives people a false sense of happiness. They become unaware and ignorant towards their surroundings, thus no one questions the World State and the government.

- The government does not bother to solve their problems, every time they’re faced with a tough situation they use soma and hypnopaedia as their solution. There’s no toleration for pain and sadness in their society, all they do is avoid it. 1. 2. What is ironic about John's intention to save the Deltas from soma vs. their reactions towards him? The connection I see of the quote of John alerting others of the dangers Soma posses to the world is that, everyday we live, we experience new things, and we advise others of precautions to take towards things we've already experienced before. This is done is so many ways regarding relationships, parenting, the food we eat, career choices, what movie to watch and what not. Now, we only advise others to pretend the bad from happening, we don't want others to go through the same thing. The concept of rehab relates to this, where there are people who try to help others realize the causes and effects of their actions and get on the right track of life so even other people around them won't be effected by their negative actions in the future. Which is what John here is trying to do, he is trying to prevent others from going through the same misfortune he had to go through.
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