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The future of customer services in the Parisian Palaces

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valerie chouquet

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The future of customer services in the Parisian Palaces

Four Seasons George V,
the unique reference of quality in product and services in Paris
Customer service:
The turn table that makes the difference in luxury hotels
Methods of Analysis
Analysis of the company and customer service policy from inside
Interviews of the management team
Analysis of the marketing policy
How the customer service in Paris should be for the Palaces?
Humanization of the product
Humanization of the management policy
Perfect knowledge of the clientele: the sense of details
Understanding and creation of needs of the guests
How the actual and futures Palaces can go further to create loyalty and win the competition?
the correct use of the technology
The good insertion in Social Media
Have the more professional and detail sensitive team
by Valerie Chouquet
Analysis of the success story of Four Seasons George V= understand their concepcion of customer service
Why the Four Seasons George V can keep raising the prices?
How the Four Seasons keep receiving awards?
How the Four Seasons keep raising loyalty and until which limits?
Limitations of the conduction of my thesis
Limited access to the data
Difficulty to find a lot of articles about the future picture of Paris with luxury rooms
The future of Parisian customer service:
the recipes of the leadership of the Four Seasons George V

Backstage of the professional thesis
In all Palaces, rooms with high standard
Great locations
How to make the difference and raise loyalty?
Inspiration of my thesis
In 2013-2015: Main changes in the Parisian caneva of Palaces
Peninsula Paris
Ritz Paris
Plaza Athenee
Main competitors of the Four Seasons George V
In 2015, Paris will offer 2x more luxury rooms
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