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Li Yao's presentation

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Yao Li

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of Li Yao's presentation

Goal 1-Improve my spoken English
It's must be a perfect chance to improve the spoken English and strengthen the English using ability.We will have a pure English atmosphere.I will try my best to communicate with others in English.Don't be shy!
Goal 3-Study American education mode
Goal 4-Make international friends
I will establish and maintain a good relationship with the homestay family.And I will make more friends with students in Southern Utah University.We can keep the friendship after I return home.I will be initiative to connnect with them.
From Wuhan Polytechnic University To Southern Utah University
My expectation
I expect to expand my horizon and learn about American culture. I hope I can study with American students together and conduct experiments under the guidance of the professor.And I hope to get along with my homestay family friendly.Besides,I expect to visit places of interest in the U.S.
Goal 2-Feel the American culture
I will live in a homestay family so I can experience the most real American culture.I would love to open my eyes.I can feel their culture and life.I will record my feelings when I meet some different or interesting things.Remember to communicate with the family more.
By: Yao Li
The American education mode must be so different with ours.We need to learn its advantages such as innovation . initiative and etc.I plan to join the American students to discuss with them about academic question.I will emulate their mode of thinking.
Goal 5-Spread Chinese culture
I want to introduce our great and profound Chinese culture to American friends.I will told them some interesting idiom story.And I will show them Chinese paper-cut , Beijing Opera,shadowboxing and so on.I plan to make dumplings for the American family,too.I hope that they can love and appreciate Chinese culture.
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